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Jewellery Bulgari, Cartier and More: Luxury Jewellery Embellished With Peridot and Spinel, the Birthstones for August

Bulgari, Cartier and More: Luxury Jewellery Embellished With Peridot and Spinel, the Birthstones for August

Photo: Bulgari
Image: Bulgari
By Syameen Salehaldin
By Syameen Salehaldin
August 19, 2020
These luxurious coloured gemstones would make perfect gifts for your favourite Leo and Virgo this month

Often unappreciated and overlooked, peridot and spinel can always be counted upon to add some vibrancy to your jewellery. Peridot comes in pure grass green without a hint of yellow or brown, while spinel is available in a wealth of colours, from intense red and pink to purple and violet.

As the birthstones for those born in the month of August, peridot is a symbol of prosperity, happiness and strength while spinel represents joy, longevity and passion. Both birthstones are also traditional gifts for 16th or 22nd wedding anniversaries.

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Here are some fine examples of luxury jewellery embellished with peridot and spinel:

Photo: Tiffany & Co.
Photo: Tiffany & Co.

1/4 Tiffany & Co Soleste Red Spinel & Diamond Ring

The Tiffany Soleste design was named after "sol", the Spanish word for sun and the collection features a central diamond or gemstone surrounded by rows of brilliant-cut white diamonds. This platinum diamond ring has an oval red spinel encircled with diamonds for a statement piece certain to inspire awe (or envy). 

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Photo: Bulgari

2/4 Bulgari Astrale Earrings

The multi-coloured Astrale drop earrings have eccentric geometry complemented with shimmering and vibrant gemstones, including peridots, green tourmalines, blue topazes, citrine quartzes and rhodolite garnets. These earrings are chic and bold, perfect for the free-spirited. 

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Photo: Cartier

3/4 Cartier Panthére De Cartier Ring

The panther has been a signature motif for Cartier since its first appearance in 1914. Portraying facets of playful and fearlessness, the 18k yellow gold ring in the shape of the panther's head boasts peridot eyes.

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Photo: Hermès

4/4 Hermès Finesse Bracelet

Taking inspiration from a ship's anchor chain, the Finesse collection strikes a balanced profile of sporty and chic. This dainty bracelet is elevated with 18 black round spinels paired with a rose gold linked chain.

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