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Jewellery 4 Things We Adore Most From Cartier's [Sur]Naturel High Jewellery Collection

4 Things We Adore Most From Cartier's [Sur]Naturel High Jewellery Collection

4 Things We Adore Most From Cartier's [Sur]Naturel High Jewellery Collection
By Terence Lim
By Terence Lim
July 15, 2020
The Cartier Hemis necklace from the [Sur]Naturel high jewellery collection is one outstanding creation

Cartier's latest high jewellery collection, which has just made its debut, is inspired by the natural world. Named [Sur]Naturel, it showcases the house's adept capability in jewellery design as well as its eye for beautiful coloured gemstones. Diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are paired with hardstones such as opal and kunzite, coral, aquamarine, beryl and quartz, giving birth to a collection of spectacular creations bursting with life and vibrancy.

Of the many impressive designs that it unveiled, the Hemis necklace caught our eye the most. Here are some interesting facts about the platinum necklace set with one 71.08-carat cushion-shaped kunzite, opals, pink and white brilliant-cut diamonds. 

1/4 Top-drawer quality kunzite

The central stone of the necklace is a 71.08-carat kunzite that is in an intense pink with a hint of purple. The gem has no inclusions visible to the naked eye, which also underscores the high quality of the stone. Credit has to be given to the jewellers for crafting a complex structure to align the surrounding stones due to the kunzite's pavilion (the bottom portion of the gem).

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2/4 An irregular beauty

Unlike most high jewellery designs, the necklace doesn't boast symmetric beauty. Instead, the opals are irregularly shaped, diamonds unevenly distributed, and precious stones (almost) haphazardly combined. The result is, however, stunning with each element somewhat complementing one another. Think an organised and organic mess that somehow looks pleasing to the eye.

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3/4 Perfectly imperfect

If you look carefully, each opal is unique. They range from blue to purplish-grey and black and their transparency varies with some more translucent than the others. The opals also boast different thickness and volume. There are a few that even have irregular and iridescent spots. This is done with the intent of portraying the gemstones as polished pebbles in the riverbed. Such an intention also led to multiple revisions of the design by the design, gem-cutting and gemstone teams, which only showcases the depth of talent and skills available in the Cartier creative studio. 

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4/4 Panther fur idea

The use of irregularly-shaped opals is also Cartier's way of re-interpreting panther fur—the beautiful beast closely associated with the French marque. 

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