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Fashion 4 Things To Know About Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

4 Things To Know About Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

4 Things To Know About Hermès Spring/Summer 2018 Collection
By Cheryl Chan
May 02, 2018
Expect a playful collection filled with colours, prints and a sense of humour.

When it comes to luxury, French brand Hermès is the definition of a quiet sort of luxury, and one that prides itself on craftsmanship and design. Unlike flashier counterparts that look to splashing logos across their items, Hermès let’s their design sensibilities speak for itself, with its signature quirky stamp a recurring theme through all their pieces.

For spring/summer 2018, creative director Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski designed a collection that is playful and attempts to redefine our reception on what is fresh and elegant today, here are 4 thing's we've learnt about the collection.

1. Classic bags get an updated new twist

Kelly sellier 28 bag Kellygraphie version
in Epsom calfskin, Sombrero calfskin and Mysore goatskin
Kelly retourné 28 bag in Lettres au carré print toile de camp and Swift calfskin
Birkin 35 bag in printed Swift calfskin
Multiplis Hermès clutch in Evercolor calfskin and Evergrain calfskin
Bolide 1923 baseball bag in Evercolor calfskin
Hermès Cityback basketball backpack in Evercolor calfskin
Hermès Flash backpack in Togo calfskin
Hermès Cavour travel bag in toile H and Sombrero calfskin
Hermès Flash briefcase in Evercolor calfskin

Ever the purveyor of taste, classic bags like the Birkin and Kelly gets an update with bright colour blocks and graphic prints. Think of bright daffodil yellow totes with turquoise trim and clutches in saturated tones. And it’s not just the women that get to have all the fun. The men’s bags are a throwback to classic Americana sports like baseball and basketball, with quirky sports motifs running through the leather goods.

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2. Your holiday wardrobe is just as important 

Sandal in calfskin
Sandal in calfskin
Espadrille in strap and calfskin
 Sandal in calfskin
Sneaker in calfskin
Hat in raffia weave and printed silk twill
Hat in panama and woven cotton
Hat in paper weave and grosgrain ribbon
Cap in denim canvas and lambskin
Sea, Surf and Fun scarf 90 in silk twill
Collection équestre scarf 65 in cotton
 Scarf in silk

Going on a holiday? They've got you covered. Bold colours continues to feature strongly in their silk scarves, hats and shoes, making it the perfect shop-all collection for a travel wardrobe. Picture this: you're poolside, Panama hat on, with a coconut in hand. Ah... bliss.

3. Jewellery takes on a minimalistic look

Chaîne d’ancre game cuff in silver
Chaîne d’ancre game rings in silver or rose gold
Ever Chaîne d’ancre earring in rose gold
Chaîne d’ancre game necklace in silver
Plaited cuff in Swift calfskin
Cuff in Cavale strap and Sombrero calfskin
Plastron in Swift calfskin
 Bracelets in Swift calfskin

Jewellery takes on a minimalistic form, with silver and gold pieces in geometric shapes. It's clear these pieces are the focus, and they're the perfect statement to enhance a classic shirt and jeans combo. The brand also plays with mixed materials, combining leather and metal with tribal-inspired prints to create textured pieces that looked great when stacked with classic Hermès Collier de Chien bracelets.

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4. Your home is just as important as your wardrobe

Table football table in maple and Swift calfskin
Little horses game in maple
Set of 2 beach bats in beech and handle in cork
Skittles set in ash and bridle leather
Karumi bench in bamboo and pads in taurillon H
Apple Watch Hermès Series 3, Simple Tour Rallye strap in perforated Gala calfskin

When it comes to a storied house like Hermès, it’s not just a brand, but a lifestyle. From furniture to a super chic foosball table (trust us when we say you won’t find this particular piece at your local bar), Hermès understands that when it comes to luxury, it always starts at home. Creating pieces that are both practical and stylish, these items perfectly straddle the line of form and function and would look great in any home as show pieces even if you can’t bear to use them.


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