How Hermès Has Made Time Their Own


November 28, 2017 | BY Phoebe Taylor

The French house has a history of great watchmaking, but how does one claim time as their own?

As Albert Einstein famously said, "Time is an illusion." So why not have fun with it? Fashion house Hermés certainly think we should. Their exhibition at Takashimaya,  Ngee Ann City, demonstrates just how much fun they think you should have. The exhibition was short and sweet—from October 27 to November 5—so if you didn't get a chance to drop by, here's an overview of what went down. 

Entering into the atrium, visitors were greeted by a maze. Using light and two-way mirrors to stretch out and alter time, the maze encouraged creativity and play, temporarily transporting visitors into a world free from normal constraints. The end of the maze found guests in a photobooth, where they could try their hand at juggling (with various degrees of success), and have their efforts recorded. 

In-store, visitors could also marvel at the antics of London-based Gandini Juggling Troupe, who wowed with their fast-fingered tricks; time flies when you're having fun, as they say. 

A sense of playfulness ran through the exhibition, not just in its adornments, but also in the watches on display—it's hard to look at the (wonderfully named) Slim d'Hermés Grrrrr! and not crack a smile. 

The exhibition at Ngee Ann City may have ended, but you can still experience Hermés time for yourself. Via an interactive app launched on November 14, Hermés is every ready to whisk the curious onto a digital adventure.

Created with artists based in each of these cities, you can choose New York, Buenos Aires, Paris, Mumbai, Sydney, or Shanghai to be your playground; your experience will differ depending on where you are and what time it is.

Try the app for yourself here.

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