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Art Design These Apartments Show A Clever Take On The Modern Tuscan Theme

These Apartments Show A Clever Take On The Modern Tuscan Theme

These Apartments Show A Clever Take On The Modern Tuscan Theme
By Luo Jingmei
August 26, 2019
Sujonohun infuses the colours and textures of Italian vineyards into the showflats of View at Kismis; this project has been nominated for the Best Living Room accolade, as part of the Readers' Choice category of Tatler Design Awards 2020

Singapore’s urban landscape is far removed from the image of sprawling vineyards under azure skies ubiquitous to the European countryside. Yet, this is precisely what inspired the sales gallery design of a new condominium development, which is a joint venture by Roxy-Pacific Holdings and Tong Eng Group.

To let owners envision returning to a calming haven at View at Kismis after a busy day, the developers asked Sujono Lim, Molina Hun and Yanika Gunawan of Sujonohun to expand on the concept of “residence in a valley” for their showflats, while bringing out the essence of a modern Tuscan theme; a concept that originated from the architectural design of this project.

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The condiments rack in the kitchen offers easy access to herbs and spices

The striking design scheme celebrates the rustic charm of its vineyard inspiration, while keeping the overall feel contemporary to appeal to a wide range of future homeowners. The spaces are a spatial medley with textures and colours evocative of pine trees, vines, burgundy grapes and cellar oak.

Rather than over-indulgent adornment or excessive gilt, the designers project a luxurious ambience through the sophisticated composition of materials, thoughtful detailing and streamlined design. 

The mountainous scene imbues a sense of calm to the glamorous living area
The mountainous scene imbues a sense of calm to the glamorous living area

The sales gallery features two showflats: a two-bedroom apartment that caters to a young couple and a five-bedroom apartment that’s designed for a multi-generational family. In the two-bedroom unit, the countryside inspiration is referenced through an expansive monochrome wall print of mountain scenery in the living room; it adds spatial depth and is a calming backdrop for an array of decor objects.

Pops of maroon on the furnishings and walls are paired with dark timber joinery that projects an air of sophistication. A bespoke dining table reflects the designers’ attention to detail with a decorative inlay of Italian tiles.

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The master bedroom features a tactile array of textures
The master bedroom features a tactile array of textures

Shades of vermillion and orange in the master bedroom evoke the sunset, continuing the nature-inspired theme. Refined touches are found in brass bedside lighting fixtures that hang low and a set of curvy vanity tables. Subtle linear patterns in the carpet and curtains create a sense of movement, their grey tones a calming backdrop to the brighter hues. In the second bedroom, a bespoke bed melds form and function, ingeniously combining the activities of sleeping, studying and storage into a lithe centrepiece that adds to the seamless look of the bedroom.

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The wine shelf showcases an array of vintages
The wine shelf showcases an array of vintages

The guest room is envisioned as a wine collection room, where a sleek wine shelf constructed of steel rods and saddle leather floats above a bar counter (pictured above). Shades of gold and black lend opulence and masculinity, accompanied by ambient lighting which immediately sets a relaxed mood.

The five-bedroom show apartment takes a gentler approach with lighter tones and softer features. In the living room, a forest-green velvet sofa anchors a backdrop of green marble, light oak wood joinery and silver fabric. Hard lines juxtapose with circular forms, such as the custom-designed dining table and chairs detailed with cast iron elements, capped by an intricate chandelier.

Shades of blue imbue this bedroom with a calming mood
The monochromatic material palette of the master bedroom is also conveyed in its ensuite bathroom

In the bedrooms, the colours of the sea and sky create tranquil retreats. Dressed in sapphire velvet upholstery and timber strips, the master bedroom is a handsome refuge while in a child’s bedroom, the ubiquitous camouflage pattern is given a playful twist with shades of blue. Such is the creativity and elegance that future homeowners can embrace living at View at Kismis. 

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Sujono Lim
Molina Hun


Sujonohun is founded by husband-and-wife team Sujono Lim and Molina Hun. The design duo are the creative minds behind a variety of residential and hospitality projects that balance comfort, context and emotion. Their expertise extends to overseas projects, where they take the same approach to crafting personalised interiors with minimal lines and bespoke furnishings.

Sujonohun | 06-15, 201 Henderson Road, Apex@Henderson | 8488 6524 

This project has been nominated for the Best Living Room accolade, as part of the Readers' Choice categories of Tatler Design Awards 2020. The winners will be announced in the February 2020 issue of Singapore Tatler Homes; online voting will close on November 11.

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