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Watches 5 Things To Know About MB&F's Newest Timepiece, The Horological Machine N°10

5 Things To Know About MB&F's Newest Timepiece, The Horological Machine N°10

5 Things To Know About MB&F's Newest Timepiece, The Horological Machine N°10
By Annie Darling
By Annie Darling
May 21, 2020
MB&F's latest weird-but-wonderful release, decoded

We’ve come to expect the unexpected from MB&F founder and creative director Maximilian Büsser. The watchmaker’s creations are about having fun and the brand’s latest weird-but-wonderful release—Horological Machine N°10—doesn’t disappoint.

Also known as the “Bulldog”, this three-dimensional wristwatch was first thought up five years ago, when a jet-lagged Büsser drove through Tokyo in a dog-tired haze. As he admired the city’s bright lights and quirky architecture, inspiration struck. Innovative, creative and technically exceptional, the mechanics that put this wristwatch together beggar belief. Heard enough? Choose between two dapper options: titanium and blue, or titanium with rose gold and black. Paw-some.

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1/5 Oval

Horological Machine N°10 is designed to imitate the shape of a bulldog and is oval in shape. The time is indicated through domed sapphire crystal, under which two cone-shaped orbs with funky numerals act as the dog’s eyes.

2/5 'Beware Of The Owner'

A cautionary message can be found engraved on this Horological Machine—a piece of advice you’d likely find on the collar or backyard of a particularly mettlesome canine: “Forget the dog, beware of the owner.”

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3/5 Four lugs

Four sleek-looking lugs are moveable to resemble legs and fit closely around the wrist, while a calf-leather strap acts as a well-made leash. 

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4/5 The movement

Developed in-house, a daring 301-part movement is fully visible when worn on the wrist.

5/5 Power reserve

In a playful twist, a 45-hour power reserve is indicated by a set of bared teeth. Exposed when the watch is fully wound, they slowly close when it’s running out of power.

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