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The Scene How 8 Generation T-Listers Will Be Spending National Day

How 8 Generation T-Listers Will Be Spending National Day

How 8 Generation T-Listers Will Be Spending National Day
By Chloe Pek
August 05, 2017

8 Generation T-listers share what August 9 means for them and how they will be celebrating National Day.

August is finally here, and this year, Singapore celebrates its 52nd birthday as an independent nation. For some, August 9 is a day of national pride and patriotism. For others, it's a public holiday where you'll get the chance to attend the National Day Parade—for the lucky ones, that is—or to gather with friends at Marina Bay for a spectacular fireworks display.

What does National Day mean for our Generation T-listers then? We find out what they think about this special day, and how they will be celebrating it this year.

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Sukki Singapora.jpg

Sukki Singapora

The ninth of August always gives me a moment to take stock of another year of change, and to reflect on how far we've come, particularly creatively. But it also drives me to challenge myself and others even more when it comes to pushing artistic boundaries. There's so much more we can and should explore and express. This year, I'll be celebrating National Day from Hollywood, but it doesn't matter what the timezone difference is—I’ll be watching the celebrations vicariously through Instagram no doubt!

Andrew Tang.jpg

Andrew Tang

“For the past few years, I wasn’t able to be in Singapore for National Day because of my racing commitments. This year, I have the privilege of being home with my family and friends. National Day signifies the union of all the people in Singapore. It is a reminder that despite all odds, we stood tall and made something great from nothing. It's an inspiration to be part of this great country.”

Yip Pin Xiu.jpg

Yip Pin Xiu

 “August 9 is a day where I am always reminded of what a great country we live in. This year, I will be celebrating National Day as part of the parade. I am really proud to be a Singaporean and I look forward to the lively atmosphere.”

Arrif Ziaudeen.jpg

Arrif Ziaudeen

“The moment that captures National Day best for me is the few seconds of absolute silence before we start reciting the pledge. You can almost hear a pin drop—the whole country standing quietly yet passionately together, then in unison, We, the Citizens of Singapore... It makes my hair stand every time. I'll be spending National Day watching NDP with my daughters and chomping on some old-fashioned dapao from my favourite hawker stalls!”

Gillian Tee.jpg

Gillian Tee

“To me, August 9 means independence and nationhood—two themes very much tied to what we're doing at Homage. We want to afford ageing adults the ability to live their lives independently, and we engage local citizens to provide care to fellow Singaporeans in national spirit; paying homage to the people we owe a lot to. On National Day, it's business as usual, since we want the elderly to be able to celebrate in the comfort of their homes or with family. We're also expanding fast and celebrating the move to our new office!”

Nathan Hartono.jpg

 Nathan Hartono

“I usually just hang with friends and family while the NDP programme plays on a television in the background. National Day always reminds me of just how young we are, and how much more that can and will be done to make this city amazing.” 

Gan Guoyi and Indra Kantono.JPG

Gan Guoyi and Indra Kantono

“National Day is a time to be grateful for what we have, and how far we've come as a community. We are proud that our craft cocktail and restaurant scene have been recognised globally, and that we have collectively built Singapore to be one of the cocktail capitals of the world. Both of us will have a very busy day on August 9—Guoyi will be working at our oyster bar Humpback, where every public holiday is an oyster holiday! Indra will be leading a contingent of four bartenders from Singapore's finest bars: Jigger & Pony, Atlas, 28 HK and Operation Dagger, to stage a one-night cocktail pop-up in conjunction with Art Stage Jakarta in Indonesia.”

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