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The Scene 10 Feel-Good News Stories Around The World That Emerged Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Feel-Good News Stories Around The World That Emerged Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

10 Feel-Good News Stories Around The World That Emerged Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic
By Kristy Or
May 12, 2020
Cleaner waters, a Netflix phenomenon, animals thriving and much more. Here are some light-hearted, fun and quirky news stories that have emerged around the world as a result of Covid-19
Video: Courtesy of ABC News

1/10 Italian canals featuring jellyfish

Seen gliding through the canals of Venice, jellyfish have been captured making their way through the clear waters gracefully. Lockdown rules and a lack of tourists have not only been kind to the natural environment but the animals living in them too.

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Video: Courtesy of Netflix

2/10 Tiger King Netflix phenomenon

One of the most streamed shows on Netflix during the Covid-19 outbreak, Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness has become a TV phenomenon. According to The Hollywood Reporter the unique docu-series has racked up some serious streaming time surpassing over 5 billion minutes.

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3/10 Flamingos taking over Mumbai

Descending into Mumbai in record numbers, over 100,000 flamingos are enjoying the perks of a human-free environment as reported by Time. The birds were found relaxing around the mudflats of Thane Creek like a scene right out from the Lion King.

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4/10 Mass midnight karaoke

Self-quarantining in your apartment can be tough. Around the world, karaoke sessions are erupting from apartment buildings to help uplift the general public mood and spirit. From Spain, Italy to Hong Kong, there’s nothing like singing along to a good tune.

5/10 Thailand Turtle Growth

While the humans are away, the animal will come out to play and repopulate. As reported by The Guardian, the rare leatherback sea turtles in Thailand have been thriving from the lack of tourists and empty beaches. 

Video: Courtesy of The Telegraph

6/10 Goats take over empty Welsh streets

In the Welsh seaside town of Llandudno, a curious herd of Kashmiri goats are roaming around the empty streets. Caught nibbling on flowers and running around town, the question remains: who let the goats out?

Video: Courtesy of AFP

7/10 Italian tennis rooftop-style

In the city of Liguria, a video of two women playing tennis on the rooftop has gone viral. Taking tennis to a whole new level, with much higher stakes when hitting the ball out of bounds, losing a ball is a loss for both parties.

Llama on Sweet Farm (Image: Sweet Farm/ Facebook)
Llama on Sweet Farm (Image: Sweet Farm/ Facebook)

8/10 Pay a llama to join your Zoom calls

Whoever said that corporate zoom calls had to be prim and proper has clearly never heard of Sweet Farm’s new project Goat 2 Meeting. For under USD$100, you can request an appearance from llamas, goats and more to hang out with.  

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BANGKOK, THAILAND - APRIL 13:  A nurse seen holding a new born baby smiling under a tiny face shield against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at Praram 9 Hospital on April 13, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand's Health Ministry recorded a total of 2,579 infections, 40 death and 1,288 recovered since the beginning of the outbreak. (Photo by Guillaume Payen/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
A nurse seen holding a new born baby smiling under a tiny face shield against the coronavirus (Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images)

9/10 Newborn babies given tiny face shields

According to Time, in Thailand, newborn babies have been given miniature facemasks to protect against the coronavirus. These small little face shield have been designed to prevent any sneeze or cough droplets on the babies’ faces. Safety first.

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10/10 Eels getting shy

This aquarium in Japan is encouraging more people to FaceTime their now shy garden eels. With the coronavirus creating new quarantine rules and regulations, Business Insider reports that the slippery creatures have become accustomed to not seeing people and have started to burrow themselves in the sand when Tokyo’s Sumida Aquarium staff members pass their tank.


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