V-Zug Brings Swiss-Made Precision Into Your Home

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June 2, 2018 | BY Hong Xinying

Here's why Swiss appliance brand V-Zug's streamlined designs and steam technology are a perfect fit for modern homes

The “Swiss-made” label is typically associated with watchmaking or dairy products, but premium home appliances purveyor V-Zug hopes to change that with its steady expansion into Asia.

Headquartered in the picturesque Swiss canton of Zug, the family-owned manufacturer has more than a century's worth of history behind it (1913 was the year of its inception). Over the years, V-Zug has been steadily building up its engineering know-how and integrating innovative technological advancements into its appliances; their streamlined designs fit beautifully into any modern interior, too.

The brand’s most notable products, which include steam cookers and laundry appliances, integrate steam technology and smart features into their cooking and cleaning functions. With V-Zug's Singapore showroom set to open this year, Angeline Yap, managing director of V-Zug Singapore and Southeast Asia, opens up about the brand’s local flagship and upcoming kitchen trends.

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What shaped the decision to open a Singapore flagship?
Angeline Yap (AY) Whenever a customer buys an appliance from V-Zug, we see it as the start of a relationship that we hope to build over the years. This starts with a complimentary pack of recipes upon the purchase of any appliance, and an apron personalised for the customer, followed by regular educational and cooking demonstrations that share how our appliances can be used.

Additionally, we will localise recipes especially for the Singapore boutique and adapt them for a complimentary cookbook—this book will feature Asian dishes created by chefs at our gourmet academy in Singapore, using V-Zug products.

"Whenever a customer buys an appliance from
V-Zug, we see it as the start of a relationship that we hope to build over the years”

Tell us more about the V-Zug Singapore showroom.
AY Slated to open in the third quarter of 2018, our new showroom will feature a gourmet academy and the Zugorama cafe-restaurant; it’s a continuation of the existing culinary programmes in the China, Hong Kong and Switzerland showrooms. The academy features chefs in training, some of whom have been recommended by V-Zug’s Singapore brand ambassador, chef-owner Ryan Clift of Tippling Club, as we hope to nurture the next generation of culinary talent.

Chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants will also visit the V-Zug Singapore showroom every quarter of the year to train the chefs at our showroom; these famous chefs will also conduct culinary classes for designers and consumers who use V-Zug appliances. Bookings for these classes can be made on our website.

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What are some of V-Zug's most popular products?
AY We see ourselves as “the masters of steam”—the brand has utilised steam technology since the launch of its Combi-Steam oven in 2001. The water tank of this best-selling oven can be used for up to 48 hours without having to be refilled. It features a smart function that measures and monitors the amount of steam required, and pumps it into the cavity only when it is needed.

Another popular product is the Refresh-Butler, a machine that’s able to clean and care for your garments. As the laundry appliance uses UV light and steam technology to remove germs and odours; it’s a gentler solution than dry cleaning, which uses strong chemicals. Each part of the Refresh-Butler has to be hand-assembled, and the product is tested approximately 600 times before it’s delivered to a showroom.

How have interior trends shaped the design of home appliances?
AY As the average size of the home decreases, kitchen and laundry areas are now in close proximity to living and dining areas. Because of this, the noise produced by a washing machine becomes very apparent. That’s why V-Zug’s washing machines are among our bestsellers. Our vibration absorption system reduces noise levels by using water to counter the rocking effect of the washing machine—water is pumped slowly into the system to gradually minimise the motion and noise produced by the appliance when it’s in operation.

Secondly, the kitchen also functions as an entertainment area within the home. As such, appliances have to be streamlined to fit seamlessly within different interior schemes and lifestyles—such as  open-concept minimalist kitchens in apartments, as well as  separate wet and dry kitchens in bungalows.

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V-Zug is available at Arclinea (Unique Kitchen Fusion), Boffi Studio, Bulthaup (House of Madison), P5; visit vzug.com/sg for more information.

This story was adapted from Singapore Tatler Homes April-May 2018.

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