5 Of This Year's Hottest Weddings Trends


August 28, 2018 | BY Jacqueline Kot

From coloured candles to boho-chic floral arrangements, wedding planners from around the world share the top wedding trends for 2018

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Pattern play

More and more couples are ditching the classic, plain white tablecloth for textured linens to add a subtle "oomph" to their table settings. 

“We're seeing more embellished, laser-cut or illusion details in white or neutral tones for wedding receptions,” says Julie Savage Parekh, creative director of Strawberry Milk Events in Virginia, USA.

5 Of This Year's Hottest Weddings Trends
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Rustic blooms

“Oversized urn floral arrangements and high candelabras are over," says Mark Niemierko, founder of bespoke wedding planner Niemierko in London. "Table centrepieces are now low, wild and natural. Less formulaic.” 

Indeed, boho-style muted tones—as opposed to loud shades of fuschia—are the blooms du jour. 

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Unexpected fun 

“Entertainment isn’t just a band and DJ.  From a fortune teller in the ladies loos to a characterful actor managing the coat check… the entertaining experience for your guests isn’t just on the dance floor,” says Niemierko.

Who knows? Perhaps a tarot reading will reveal which one of your guests will be next to get hitched... 

5 Of This Year's Hottest Weddings Trends
Photo: Courtesy of M. Pettipoole

Colourful lights

“Coloured candles. Instead of the standard white and ivory candles, couples are looking to add a splash of color to their décor accents. Coloured candles on tables or peppered throughout the event space are an easy way to add something unexpected to your décor,” says Mindy Weiss, founder of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants in Los Angeles. 

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Signed, sealed, delivered

“Wax seals on invitations are a unique way to bring more of your personal style to the suite.  They can even be used on the day for items like the menus and escort cards to complement the suite,” says Tzo Ai Ang, founder of Ang Weddings and Events in New York.

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