Building A Rock-Solid Relationship: Sabrina Ho & Kevin Matthews


July 6, 2018 | BY Karishma Tulsidas

The keys to a long-lasting, healthy relationship are trust, communication and mutual respect, says this soon-to-be-married couple

Who would have thought that a girl from Hong Kong and a guy from the UK would find each other on the little red dot that’s Singapore? Kevin Matthews and Sabrina Ho met on a night out with common friends at Lantern, and lightning struck him instantly. He says, “I knew instantly that I had found a gem. In a roomful of people, I could only hear her voice! She’s smart, beautiful and caring; her positive energy hit me from the moment I met her.”

While Kevin was hooked from the get-go, it took Sabrina a little longer to realise that she felt the same way. “It was a gradual realisation that he was the one,” she reveals. “I realised very early on that he was very devoted to me, as he would call me every day, spending three to four hours on the phone with me while he was still building his business. During the early days of our relationship, I soon came to appreciate that he ticked all the boxes I was looking for in a partner: he is intelligent, resilient and caring.”

Says Kevin, “The decision on when to get married was always hers. Plus, coming from a Western upbringing, I had to understand that for a traditional Asian lady, the decision to marry is not only hers to make, and you have to take into consideration family and tradition.”

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As the couple built up their relationship, they also decided to take another leap of faith and set up an executive search company together, called KR Partners. It was working together with Kevin that solidified Sabrina’s faith that marriage was the right step forward. “Having a business with him gave me a completely different perspective of him as a person, and my own readiness as a woman to commit to him for the rest of my life.”

The first proposal, at Robuchon au Dôme in Macau, failed because of a series of unfortunate events—from bad weather and uncomfortable seating to very loud guests. The second time was the charm, as Kevin decided to pop the question at one of Sabrina’s favourite restaurants, Caprice at Four Seasons Hong Kong. Says Sabrina, “It wasn’t a surprise, but it was special and genuine.”

Challenges abound when a couple works together, but Kevin and Sabrina highlight that having implicit trust in each other, and “true and honest communication” is imperative. Says Kevin, “Running a business together means that we are constantly disagreeing with each other on most things and with both of us being water signs, we can be very emotional and sensitive. However, despite our differences, I try to remember to respect her opinions and viewpoints and manage my own ego in the heat of any disagreement.”

“I am comfortable discussing anything with Kevin without being judged, and I feel that I can be vulnerable and express how I truly feel,” says Sabrina.

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Words and Coordination Karishma Tulsidas
Photography Elvina Farkas
Styling Cheryl Chan
Hair Ash Loi using Keune Hair Cosmetics
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