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Fashion This Is The World's Most Expensive Covid-19 Face Mask

This Is The World's Most Expensive Covid-19 Face Mask

This Is The World's Most Expensive Covid-19 Face Mask
Created by Yvel, a luxury jeweller based in Israel, this one-of-a-kind face mask is valued at US$1.5 million. (Photo: Courtesy of Yvel)
By Kaitlyn McInnis
August 12, 2020
The bespoke face mask by Israeli jewelry company is crafted from a combination of black and white diamonds and 18-karat white gold, and is said to be valued at US$1.5 million

While most of us are content with a decent charcoal filtered face mask, others see the global mask mandate as another avenue to experience the finer things in life. Case in point: a US$1.5 million diamond encrusted face mask created by Yvel, a luxury jeweller based in Israel.

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According to a press release by the jewellery brand, the mask––which was designed by Orna and Isaac Levy, Yvel’s owners and designers––not only provides the highest level of filtration (N-99), but "is made of 250 grams of pure 18k gold, and set with no less than 3,608 natural diamonds, with a total weight of about 210 carats."

The one-of-a-kind face mask was commissioned by an unidentified Chinese businessman living in the United States, who only had two requests for the impressive work: that it was to be completed before the end of the year and that it would be the most premium priced face mask in the world.

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Speaking of the mask production, Levy stated that "the deadline for the delivery of the mask is set for December 31. Under no situation will it be delayed”.

While the mask may not be the most practical option for everyday use, the production of the piece has offered a life-line for the jewellery brand during the Covid-19 pandemic. Not only has the production provided work for the 150 Yvel employees in Israel and in the US, but also financial support, with Levy noting that "In these tumultuous days, every order we receive helps to preserve the company's day-to-day operations and provide a way of living to its people."


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