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Fashion You’ve Never Seen Longchamp Bags Look Like This Before

You’ve Never Seen Longchamp Bags Look Like This Before

You’ve Never Seen Longchamp Bags Look Like This Before
By Cheryl Chan
May 14, 2018
The French travel and luxury brand teams up with cult streetwear maestro Shayne Oliver of New York label Hood By Air for an interesting and tongue-in-cheek collection of travel accessories and ready-to-wear.

Quick, what’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Longchamp? Travel? Airports? How about France? Now do the same for streetwear label Hood By Air. Chances are the words that came to mind would have been drastically different.

In a world where we’re so saturated with collaborations, from high street designer specials, to celebrity capsule collections, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that would even surprise you anymore, but even we had to admit this wasn’t a collection that we saw coming.

Shayne Oliver, co-founder of the New York based label, Hood by Air has joined forces with luxury French leather goods and fashion label Longchamp to create an inventive capsule collection of travel accessories and ready-to-wear that merges the distinct creative spirit of both collaborators.

Taking the concept of travel gear into a new era, the collection merges Lonchamp’s history of craftsmanship and French timeless style with Shayne’s innovative and provocative aesthethic, resulting in a dynamic offering for both men and women. The collaboration features a healthy dose of logomania and takes inspiration from everyday items like garment bags and arm slings, creating items that are both luxurious and yet tongue-in-cheek.

Shayne Oliver talks about his inspirations behind the collection and how he came up with some of the pieces.

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Longchamp ArtisticDirector,  Sophie Delafontaine and Shayne Oliver
Longchamp ArtisticDirector, Sophie Delafontaine and Shayne Oliver

As  a  designer,  how  did  this  collaboration  with  Longchamp  enrich  your  personal point  of  view?
Shayne Oliver (SO) I  like  to  challenge  myself  and  do  things  that  are  unconventional,  I  think  that  can  be  very  liberating.  I  liked  how  this  project  had  a  strong  sense  of  heritage  and  a  different  perspective  that  was  based  in  people’s  everyday  lives.  I  was  inspired  by  this.  For  me,  living  in  New  York,  Longchamp  is  part  of  the,  dare  I  say, streetwear,  because  a  lot  of  people  own  Longchamp  bags.  It  has  a  language  that  feels  very  organic  to  me.  New  York  is  my  home  and  it  will  always  be  what  I  am  inspired  but  Paris  is  fashion. 

How  did  this collaboration  with  Longchamp come  about?
SO The  first  thing  that  interested  me  about  the  project  was  the  garment  bag  and  from  there,  and  I  began  to  think  about  how  travel  influenced  me  in  my  own  collections  from  the  past. 

I  came  to  think  about  the travel  ties  that  we  did for  my  previous  brand  Hood by Air (HBA) and  bringing  that  into  the  language  of  Longchamp  via the  graphic.

What  do  the  graphics  symbolize?
SO Hiatus means  “a  gap”  or  “a  break’”.  The  "HIATUS" logo  relates  to  the period  when  we  began  working on  this  collaboration,  at  the  time  it  was  very  important  that  I  took  a  break. It  was specifically  the  right  time  for  this  collaboration  to  happen  so  I  feel  like  it  was  a  great  way  of  speaking  about  what  was  going  on  in  my  life  -about  needing  to  take  a  hiatus  from  the  project  I  was  working  on  and, focusing  on where  I  was heading ,  which  is  this new  project “by  Shayne  Oliver”—a  series  of collaborations with brands  that  have  great  heritage  and  renowned craftsmanship  and  putting  my  own  spin  on  it.  These  bags are  meant  for  the  realness  of  life,  it  is  less  about  having  it  be  logos. (Related: Are Stickers The Latest It Accessory?)

(Related: Are Stickers The Latest It Accessory?)

This  capsule  collection  brings  some  interesting  styles,  what  inspired  them?
SO The  collection  is  made  to  be  used  in  multiple  different  ways,  it  is  multipurpose.  This  multi-functionality  is  how  I  like  to  live  my  life  in  general  and  so  I  tried  to  make  that  as  much  a  part  of  this  as  possible. 

For  one,  a  lot  of  things  that  were  happening  to  me  at  the  time that involved  healing,  including  physically  being  injured.  We  used  the  idea  of  an  arm  sling,  like  a  sling  you  use  when  you  are  healing  yourself,  and  turned  it  into  a  bag  but it  can  still  be  used  both  ways.

Double Le Pilage came  from  the  idea  of  having  a  bag  that  was  more  personal  and  having  one  bag  that  was  more  business.  You know  which  side  you  are  using  by  the  graphic on  the  front.  The  "HIATUS"  side  is  meant  for  having  fun  and  the  other  is  more  business. I  was  trying  to  make  the  Le  Pliage consistent  with  this idea  of  the  new  world.

We  introduced  a  t-shirt  style  for  the  collaboration  that  speaks  to  the  usage  of  the  Longchamp  graphic.  I  felt  like  it  was  important  for  that  to  be  printed  on  a  t-shirt  as  part  of  this  new  aesthetic  for  the  collaboration.  We  then  added  the  handles  from  the  iconic  Le Pliage so  it  is  branded  in  a  way  that  mixes  the  new  idea  of  branding  and  the  old  idea  of  branding.


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