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Watches Your Man Can Wear Your Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed Watch

Your Man Can Wear Your Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed Watch

Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed
By Terence Lim
July 04, 2017

There are more variants of the Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed and the good news is, the men do get it too.

Since its launch in 2015, the Chanel Boy.Friend has undergone several material and size transformations. The French marque has made it in steel, white gold and beige gold, its proprietary take on rose gold. Besides the small (21.5mm x 27.9mm) and medium (26.7mm x 34.6mm) sizes, it goes for size by introducing the large, which measures 28.6mm x 37mm.


The more interesting renditions of the Chanel Boy.Friend this year come from the Tweed series. Inspired by the material traditionally used by the English for hunting apparel, the watch bracelets are made to resemble the woven fabric.

The French brand rolls out one in beige gold—the warm golden hue of the material lends a touch of elegance to any outfit. Adding a dash of glamour without going overboard are the 64 brilliant-cut diamonds on the bezel, making the watch perfect for both the boardroom and ballroom.  

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Chanel Boy.Friend Tweed

Another variant of the Boy.Friend that stands out is the steel one with a bracelet that comes with a black coating. Stainless steel itself already has a tinge of masculinity to it by nature and with the black-coated tweed-patterned bracelet, the watch (especially the large version) will not look out of place on a man's wrist. The missus can steal it for a girl's night out, particularly if she is going for a more neutral look that evening.   

What's great about the Chanel Boy.Friend is that it is a classic shape and boasts timeless aesthetic elements. So depending on the wearer's wrist size and style, a couple can actually share the watch or wear matching pieces. In this case, having a Boy.Friend on your beau is actually possible.  

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