Your Chic Chinese New Year Wardrobe, Sorted


January 14, 2017 | BY Singapore Tatler

We team up with The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands to bring you the spiciest looks for the auspicious occasion. Buy now, thank us later.


A few things in life never seem to get old: classic cartoons on a Saturday morning, the Singapore city skyline when you’re driving on the MCE, fireworks on the night of every 31st of December, Jennifer Lopez…

And the bubbling excitement you get when you cut the tags off your new outfit on the first day of Chinese New Year. Heck, we’ll put the cutting of tags of new outfits on the second, third and fourth day of Chinese New Year right there at the top as well.

We’re going all out in 2017—because, why not. Plus, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands has everything on our shopping list.

Pink is the new red. Whether it’s fuchsia, structured and knee-grazing or cotton candy, satin with psychedelic prints, nothing is off limits. Not bows, not bling, nothing. And don’t think we’re playing it safe with bags either. Embellished straps are having a moment, furry charms too, so we’re running with it. The mini sort isn’t the most practical (totally expecting major red packet haul) but style, as always, takes priority.

This is not the season to be a wallflower—there is no excuse, not when the recently reopened Fendi store at The Shoppes is carrying a limited capsule collection special to the occasion, not when you have Singapore Tatler’s new fashion video (see below) to lead you to style nirvana. After all, there is only one way to thwart all those penetrating questions your family is bound to ask about your waistline, career and love life—with stop-them-in-their-tracks dresses, fancy shoes and quick wit, of course.