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Fashion What's In Serene Tan's Closet?

What's In Serene Tan's Closet?

Serene Tan
By Cheryl Chan
August 15, 2018
Regardless of how busy her schedule is, fashion is definitely something Serene Tan always makes time for

Serene Tan is a multitasker. The 25-year‑old works seven days a week, splitting her time between being a pastry supplier, running Dazzling Café (the Taiwanese franchise located at Orchard Gateway), and helping out in her family’s manufacturing and logistic companies.

With all her time spent between her various businesses, how does Serene even keep up to date with fashion? She happens to be an active participant of a very fashion‑conscious group chat, which includes her stylish older brother and friends. “We flood the chat with pictures of items we’re interested in,” she tells us. “There are also constant requests on who can obtain certain hard-to-find items from whichever part of the world they’re in!”

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But the endless stream of texts doesn’t bother Serene one bit. She gives full credit to her brother for piquing her interest in fashion. “My brother exposed me to the world of fashion. When I was 16, he bought me my very first luxury bag, a red Boy Chanel. He even introduced me to designer brands such as Alexander McQueen and Hermès,” she tells us. “Back when I was studying in Perth, there weren’t many luxury brands around as opposed to London, where my brother was studying. So I started shopping a lot more whenever I’d visit him.”

Amazed by the ample options available in London, where she was exposed to labels such as French maison Céline and cult American brand Brian Lichtenberg, Serene started adding edgier pieces to her wardrobe. She spent so much time in the British capital that her friends and schoolmates started requesting for her to shop for them.

“While I used to love edgier designs in the past, I’ve now started to lean towards classic pieces. I feel that seasonal designs tend to go out of trend fairly quickly. Classic pieces tend to be more minimalist in design and they go well with everything in my wardrobe.”

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Linda Farrow Sunglasses
Jo Malone Body Cream
Karl Lagerfeld Clutch
Louis Vuitton Holdall
Gucci heels
Manolo Blahnik shoes

So what is the one fashion item she can’t live without? “Shoes!” Serene answers without hesitation. As someone who is on the go a lot, it seems only natural that shoes would be her one fashion obsession, as she rattles names like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Stella Luna and Charlotte Olympia as some of her favourite brands. “I can’t live without Bottega Veneta loafers. I’ve already gone through six pairs!” she quips. Spoken like a true shoe addict. 


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