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Fashion What's In Arael Boo's Closet?

What's In Arael Boo's Closet?

Arael Boo
By Amelia Yeo
August 13, 2019
Entrepreneur Arael Boo believes in the art of dressing well to make a good first impression

When a then 18-year-old Arael Boo turned up in a lecture theatre sporting a pair of snakeskin print jeans, his classmates teased him endlessly about his bold fashion choice. But now, looking back, the 34-year-old entrepreneur was merely ahead of his time. Snakeskin is all the rage now, as seen on the spring/summer and autumn/winter 2019 runways.
While Arael is still very much into fashion these days, he admits that his heavy workload and frequent travelling required for the bird’s nest processing and wholesale business he co-founded with his wife Inge Sari Restu, leaves him little time for himself. He prefers instead to spend time with his twin toddlers, Calista and Raphael.

So to stay ahead of the fashion curve, he depends on regular consultations he has with retail advisers at his favourite luxury brand boutiques such as Dolce & Gabbana and Dior Men. It was through one of these casual chats that he discovered the recent Dior Men collaboration with American contemporary artist Kaws. The iconic bee motif of the summer 2019 capsule collection caught his eye. In fact, he likes the collection so much that he owns almost everything from it, from the cotton drill jacket to the silk pocket square.

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Arael Boo
Arael Boo

Not only is Arael always impeccably dressed, he likes to wear clothes that are tailored to suit his frame. He believes that a good sense of style is indicative of how one presents himself. This, he says, is especially important when he meets his customers and business partners, because making a great first impression is half the battle won in clinching deals.
Besides dressing well, he enjoys shopping for fashion keepsakes to commemorate key milestones. Looking through the treasure trove that is his burgeoning walk-in closet, he notes that his “most treasured items are often related to my family”. He cites the time when “Inge and I found out that we were expecting a pair of fraternal twins two years ago, I bought a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch for myself and an Hermès Birkin bag for her to celebrate the occasion”.

As the pair of university sweethearts enter their sixth year of marriage, it is clear that Inge is more than just Arael’s life and business partner. She’s also his style confidante. “I’m her Prince Charming and she’s the person I dress to impress,” quips Arael. “I try not to follow the style of others, but I do go to my wife for fashion advice.” 
Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the items in Arael’s closet…

Tiffany & Co brooch
Tiffany & Co rings
Rolex watch
MB&F watch
Montblanc pen
Dior x Kaws bag
Louis Vuitton sneakers

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