What Secrets Do Mother-Daughter Pair Nina And Claudine Ng Share?


November 9, 2017 | BY Elizabeth Lee


Mums always know best.

When you’ve got a mother as stylish as Nina Ng, it’s no wonder one cannot resist borrowing an item or two from her closet. Luckily for Claudine Ng, mum Nina is more than happy to share her bags, jewellery and even beauty secrets with her daughter.

Watch the video below to find out what the mother-daughter pair have to say to each other.


Creative direction: Elizabeth Lee
Videographer: Nicola Ng
Stylist: Violet Foo
Stylist's assistant: Mellynda Tanaya
Hair: Kent/Salon Runway
Makeup: Keith Bryant Lee
Outfits: Bottega Veneta, Max Mara
Props: TWG Tea

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