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Beauty What Is Style Lease Founder Ang Jinyuan’s Morning Routine Like?

What Is Style Lease Founder Ang Jinyuan’s Morning Routine Like?

What Is Style Lease Founder Ang Jinyuan’s Morning Routine Like?
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
September 05, 2019
Tatler Focus
The entrepreneur shows how she fits quiet time into her busy schedule

To call an entrepreneur like Ang Jinyuan busy, can be quite an understatement. The 32-year old is behind gown rental platform Style Lease, and recently launched a bridal rental platform called The Ivory.

“The last three months have been especially hectic for me because of the launch of The Ivory. It gets a little exhausting with my days packed with meetings, and sometimes parties and events too. Each day usually ends about 9pm, followed by some stressed-induced interrupted sleep!” explains Jinyuan.

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"That’s why my morning routine is something that is very precious to me, it’s when I take time out to reset."

We spent a morning with her, and found out that she definitely loves her tea as well a simple skincare routine. “On my shelf, I have MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Harmonious Mask, Reishi Eye Cream, Custom-Blended Eye Mask coupled with the Eye Expert Essence.”


The great thing about a Custom-Blended Skincare range is that you never have to worry if you’re using the right product for your skin. Each MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended product is concocted after a detailed skin analysis on-site, with ingredients to target an individual’s skin concerns and problems.

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“Because of my late nights, my skincare centers around taking extra care of my eye area. I love the MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Eye Mask and Eye Expert Essence. I use it twice a week and can see an immediate lifting and brightening effect.”

MTM Skincare has gone one step further to also provide a range of organic products within their Custom-Blended series. The Harmonious collection is the first skincare range that has received Japan’s 5-star Ecofit organic certification. Jinyuan also uses MTM Skincare’s Custom-Blended Harmonious Mask once a week.

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Self-care takes center stage in the morning: “I also squeeze in a workout before I get started on emails, because sometimes when I start working on my laptop, noon arrives before I know it. And I would be in gym clothes, but the possibility of going to the gym is... over!”


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