What Do Charlotte Olympia And Spider-Man Have In Common?


June 28, 2017 | BY AFP

This Charlotte Olympia x Marvel collab will get your spidey senses tingling.

Charlotte Olympia has joined forces with American comics publisher and movie producer, Marvel, to deliver a collaborative collection with a unique twist.

The tie-up—which was revealed by the British footwear brand via Instagram—will give way to an exclusive capsule collection which is to a selection of signature Charlotte Olympia styles, such as high-heeled, strappy sandals, a pair of red kitty slip-on sneakers and a clutch with a spider web motif embroidered all over each style.

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Dropping further hints about the upcoming collection, the animated video showed illustrations of the accessories from the Charlotte Olympia collaboration incorporated into a scene from Spider-Man filled with comics illustrations.

Designer Charlotte Dellal has always been partial to spider webs—a gold spider-web motif features on the back of all Charlotte Olympia shoes—so a Marvel Spider-Man-themed collaboration was presumably the perfect fit for both brands.

The collection is due to drop into stores on July 5.

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