Yes, We Signed Up For Gym To Look Hot In These Eres Swimwear


January 17, 2017 | BY Jolene Khor

A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!

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Eres spring/summer 2017 collection

We can't decide if it's a curse or a blessing that it's always swimwear season in Singapore. Let's begin by saying all sizes and shape is beautiful, but we would be lying if we said we didn't feel the pressure to look bikini-ready all year round. 

On another hand, we'd be pretty upset if to bench our favourite pieces for 6-9 months a year due to weather conditions or because we can no longer squeeze ourselves into that sexy-as-hell monokini from Eres's 2016 collection.

But if the latter rings truer than you'd like to admit, it's all good. Keep up the good times in their spring/summer 2017 collection. Inspired by a multi-faceted traveller’s soul, the French brand's latest offering is a wardrobe of sexy streamlined pieces with a nod to the nautical theme. It's all in the little details; the spaghetti strap braids, leather stitch finishings, arresting colours that reminiscent ethnic Cordoba. 

We see plenty that we like...


Find your perfect summer companion at the Eres boutique at Four Seasons Hotel 01-12

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