Vivienne Westwood Fights Climate Change With A Hot New Tote


January 31, 2017 | BY AFP

The tote bag was designed in honor of the upcoming London Fashion Week Festival (LFWF).


Vivienne Westwood Tote for London Fashion Week Festival AW17

The style icon has teamed up with the British Fashion Council (BFC) on the project, which was inspired by her Autumn/Winter 2017/18 show ‘Ecotricity'.

The tote features a red and green map that represents the dangers of climate change, based on NASA's projection of how the planet will evolve if its temperature rises by four degrees or more. The back of the bag lays out the designer's scribbled solution to the problem, which involves switching to green energy sources to stop climate change.

"Global warming is at the tipping point," said Westwood. "If we go past it, we can't stop it. All the methane kicks in. We're there right now. Stop Climate Change. All our friends are going to switch to Green Energy -- Ecotricity -- and I am happy to design a tote that communicates this important message."

The limited edition bags will retail at the London Fashion Week Festival, with half of the profits being donated to the charity Fuel Poverty Action, which works with various groups to provide practical aid in the form of blankets, draft-proofing, and debt management.

London Fashion Week Festival runs February 23 - 26.