Watch: How Well Do You Know Your Loved Ones?


February 8, 2018 | BY Elizabeth Lee


This Valentine's Day, we put best friends Meaghan See and Nada Jumabhoy, as well as loving couple Andre and Belinda Huber, to the test. The challenge? Pick out gifts for each other from Scotts Square.

Just how well do they know one another? Watch the two videos below to find out.

Married couple: Andre & Belinda Huber

Years they've known each other: 11

They've been married for almost seven years now and have three adorable children (Hayley, Ashley and Hunter), but how well do you think this husband and wife pair really know each other? Hint: Pretty well!

Hi Andre and Belinda, how did you meet?
Belinda Huber (BH) We actually met on Friendster! I stumbled across his profile and thought he was somebody I already knew.

Andre Huber (AH) The truth is, she messaged me first, so I can't help but think she found me attractive.

BH Best mistake ever!

How would you describe each other?
AH Belinda is very organised, a great communicator and a very loving person. And very beautiful, of course!

BH Andre's a really funny guy. He's very decisive, and me being a Gemini, really appreciates that.

Who gives better gifts?
BH Over the years, I think we've begun to give each other practical gifts. But... I think I'm the better gift giver!

AH Belinda always drops me hints, so I know what she likes. I think she might be the better gift giver but I'm quietly confident that I would win a gifting challenge.

BH But that's only because I'm easier to please! [laughs]


The final looks

Andre wears
Blazer and Shirt, both by Anglomania By Vivienne Westwood;
Sneakers, by Hermes

Belinda wears Romper by Aijek, from Trixilini;
Heels by Sophia Webster, from Pedder On Scotts;
Cool Box Mini bag, by Delvaux; Jewellery, by Niessing

Best friends: Meaghan See & Nada Jumabhoy

Years they've known each other: More than two decades

They met each other as teenagers and have been friends for many years, so it's no wonder these two besties seem to know each other like the back of their hands.

Hi Nada and Meaghan, how did you meet?
Nada Jumabhoy (NJ) We met through Meaghan's brother when we were 12, but never became close till our Junior College days. I needed help on an essay, and obviously Meaghan did very well in school.

Meaghan See (MS) You didn't do too badly, either!

How would you describe each other?
MS Nada is classy, sophisticated and she dresses really well.

NJ She's one of the most determined, disciplined and hardworking people I know.

Who gives better gifts?
Both: [Points to each other]

MS Nada has gotten me a bag and a dress that I really love.

NJ Meaghan is definitely the better gift giver! I carry a bag she gave me all the time, and for my birthday, she and a group of friends gifted me a beautiful diamond ring. It's very precious to me.


The final looks

Meaghan wears Dress by Aijek, from Trixilini; Ring, by Niessing;
Bag, by Hermes; Sunglasses by Grey Ant, from Pedder On Scotts 

Nada wears Dress by Aijek, from Trixilini;
Gold necklace, by Niessing; Bag, by Hermes;
Earrings by Paula Mendoza Jewellery, from Pedder On Scotts


Stores featured in the video(s):
Anglomania By Vivienne Westwood, #01-09;
Closet, #03-10; Delvaux, #01-18/19;
Fragrance Du Bois, #01-11; Hermes, #01-12 to 15;
Niessing, #01-10; Pedder On Scotts, #02-03 to 16;
Trixilini, #03-08/09; all available at Scotts Square.


Plus, shop these specially curated picks from Scotts Square for your loved ones:

For her: Casablanca suede pumps, by Aquazurra, from Pedder On Scotts

For him: Sweatshirt, A.Four Labs, from OCD

For her: Tempête mini leather satchel, by Delvaux

For him: Tie, by Hermes

For her: Heart bag charm, by Delvaux

For him: Sneakers, by Golden Goose, from Pedder On Scotts

For her: Scarf, by Hermes

For him: Backloubi backpack, by Christian Louboutin

Creative direction: Elizabeth Lee
Videography: Nicola Ng
Styling: Cheryl Chan
Makeup: Andrea Claire
Hair: McPhee/Cinq Studio

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