Twist & Shout: The New Louis Vuitton Monogram Is Its Most Fun Edition Yet


February 3, 2017 | BY Karishma Tulsidas

On its own or worn together, Louis Vuitton’s Bracelets Idylle Twist will elevate your wrist candy game.

LV - Idylle Twist -¬ Regis Golay x Louis Vuitton - 1.jpg

How do we wear our Louis Vuitton Monogram? On our wrists of course… Stacked or solo, the Bracelet Idylle Twist by Louis Vuitton looks brilliant on its own, its flexible open bracelet accented by a signature gold blossom on one end and a pointer diamond on the other.

The beauty of this bracelet lies in its suppleness: it can be elongated, coiled or twisted, snugly hugging the wrist or loosely grazing your hand—your choice, baby. Make it your own by mixing metals, pink, white or yellow gold.