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Beauty Treat Yourself to These Pampering Spa Treatments

Treat Yourself to These Pampering Spa Treatments

Treat Yourself to These Pampering Spa Treatments
By Hayden Ng
March 21, 2016

Whether you're looking to unknot tensed muscles or get a pre-party glow, you can count on these treatments. 

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Multisensory Journey at AWAY Spa
Tucked away in Sentosa island, the AWAY Spa is your perfect refuge from the daily stresses of city life. They offer a two-part personalised massage which begins with a body wrap in their resonance room. Here, your therapist guides you onto the dry floating bed and applies a layer of lily moisturiser — known for its hydrating and firming properties especially on dry skin — over your body and covers it in a plastic wrap. The floating bed, also known as jouvance massage bed, is then turned on to swaddle your body while your therapist treats you to a head massage. After 45 minutes, you're now ready to be escorted to another treatment room for your “All About Me” massage. Before beginning, choose from three body oils — lemongrass for detoxification; eucalyptus for unknotting tight muscles; and sweet orange for calming your senses. Your therapist then proceeds to knead your body muscles to loosen you up, as well as target areas such as the shoulders to free tightness.

AWAY Spa is at W Singapore, 21 Ocean Way.
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Oxy Nova facial at St. Gregory Spa
When we think of spas, we think of mostly relaxing facials and massages. But for St. Gregory Spa at Pan Pacific Orchard, their latest facial proves so much more than just kicking out stress for you. Thanks to the oxy nova facial machine from Italy, you can now achieve aesthetic clinic equivalent results but in a more soothing setting. The oxy nova facial, otherwise known as the glow-giver, is a simple three-step treatment that delivers the wonders of oxygen. After cleansing, a micro-needle wand is used to “open” your pores temporarily. This is followed by an infusion step that sends 92 per cent pure oxygen deep into your skin to give an instant brightening effect. Your facialist will then use a facial oil and the lymphatic drainage wand to eliminate toxins in your face, before applying a hydrating mask to seal in the goodness. 

St. Gregory Spa Pan Pacific Orchard is at 10 Claymore Road.
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Bathing Celebration at Remède Spa
Can showers get any more blissful? Apparently yes, if you give Remède Spa's bathing celebration a go. This indulgent bathing ritual — inspired by the Middle East's hammam — is a real treat to your body and soul. The three-part ritual begins with a steam room visit to “open” your pores temporarily before entering the treatment room for a full body soap wash and scrub. Here, you'll also get to experience a top-to-toe oil massage to coax the weary soul out of your body.  After which, your therapist continues with a rassoul body wrap, which is a deep purifying treatment to help eliminate body toxins. Lastly, as you lay on your back, allow the warm vichy shower to beat rhythmically onto your body. By the end of the three-hour session, you'll find it hard to peel yourself away from the stone bed but you should, as lunch awaits you at the classic Italian restaurant LaBrezza beside the spa.

Remède Spa is at St. Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Road.
For more information, click here.

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Banyan Indulges at Banyan Tree Spa

Located on the 55th level of the Marina Bay Sands hotel, the Banyan Tree Spa is where spa-goers come for a quiet escape without leaving the country. Besides the beautiful Singapore skyline, the luxury spa also offers a plethora of spa treatments. The new Banyan Indulges treatment kicks off with a welcome foot wash in rose petal water, and it includes a lime and yoghurt scrub to rid dead skin. Once you've settled down on the massage bed, your therapist then prepares you for a freshly-prepared tangy body scrub made from tangerine, lime, yoghurt, sugar scrub. This is followed by a signature body massage that employs the help of a therapeutic herbal pouch that contains coriander, lemongrass, and clove powders. The bag, soaked in warm sesame oil, is then used to massage your body to soothe aches and aid blood circulation. At the end of the treatment, you'll wake up with smoother and softer skin.

Banyan Tree Spa is at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower 1, 10 Bayfront Ave.
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