Which Of These Tom Ford Bags Matches Your Party Personality Best?


October 20, 2017 | BY Cheryl Chan


Everybody loves a good party. They're fun, exciting, unpredictable, and not to mention, the perfect excuse for anyone to get dressed up. But while you might have already picked out the perfect frock, what about your bag?

Whether you’re a wild child on the dance floor who needs a hands-free purse to bust a move or a fashion-obsessed individual who loves to show off your latest purchases, you can always rely on American designer Tom Ford for the sexiest and most party-ready bags. And the boutique—which is exclusively available only at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands—closes at 11pm/ 11.30pm depending on the day of the week, you can easily swing by the store and scoop up one of the beauties before heading for your night out!

Find out which bag suits your personality best.

Small alligator Natalia bag

The fashion plate

It doesn't matter what the dress code is, or where the party's held at. Fashion is your life and you seize every opportunity you have to get dressed to the nines—in your book, there is no such thing as being overdressed or over the top.  A pastel purple alligator cross-body bag is a bold and adventurous fashion choice that only a fearless dresser could pull off and would definitely get the tongues of party guests wagging.

Which Of These Tom Ford Bags Matches Your Party Personality Best?
Velvet Dahlia clutch

The conversationalist

When it comes to events, you'd much prefer spending your time at private and intimate dinner parties as opposed to big and crowded shindigs. A meaningful conversation over a glass of wine interests you much more than yelling over booming electric beats. This on-trend millennial pink velvet clutch with ruching is a great conversational starter and would have people flocking over to you for chats in no time.

Gold metallic python Saskia cross-body bag

The dancing queen

If there's a dance floor, there's a 99% chance that that's where we'll find you. Not only will this gold metallic bag reflect the lights, the cross-body strap will allow you to show off your dance moves without getting in the way of you having a good time.

Which Of These Tom Ford Bags Matches Your Party Personality Best?
Small velvet soft Natalia bag

The life of the party

When it comes to parties, you're never one to turn down an invite—chances are you're the one organizing the nights out. You're the first to suggest taking shots and aren't afraid to get up dancing on the bar. You believe there's nothing a good cocktail wouldn't solve and already have a pre-planned party playlist that you listen to as you're getting ready to head out. Like yourself, you need a bag that's just as much as a standout. This red velvet bag is decadent and festive, making it the perfect partner-in-crime.

Evening python clutch

The social butterfly

Everybody knows you as Miss Popular—you love working the room at every single party you're invited to and can't go past five minutes without bumping into someone you know. A bulky bag just won't do for a social butterfly like you. Try a slim gold clutch that will allow you to move from group to group with relative ease. After all, saying hello to all the right people is of the utmost importance!

Which Of These Tom Ford Bags Matches Your Party Personality Best?
Glossy python Saskia clutch

The lone wolf

You fly solo at parties not because you have no friends, but because being by yourself opens you up to exciting opportunities and you're curious as to where the night will bring you. You prefer staying in the background, cocktail in hand, observing how the party will turn out. This simple clutch with gold hardware is sophisticated and understated, allowing you to fly under the radar while still staying chic.

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