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JewelleryTiffany & Co. Rubies Make A Blazing Return For Christmas

Tiffany & Co. Rubies Make A Blazing Return For Christmas

Tiffany & Co. Rubies Make A Blazing Return For Christmas
By Chloe Pek
November 05, 2017
Paint the town red.

This Christmas, spoil yourself and loved ones with sparkling, fiery rocks. More than a decade since its discontinuation, Tiffany & Co. is bringing rubies back from a new ethical source—Mozambique. First discovered in 2009, the region is a rising new source for quality gems that rival Myanmar's revelled—and scarce—Burmese rubies.

Rubies is Tiffany & Co.’s first ruby accented collection since 2003, when the house stopped importing precious stones from Myanmar due to sanctions and their social responsibility towards ethical sourcing.

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The reintroduction of this highly sought-after gem will see it paint Tiffany & Co.’s most celebrated pieces, including Tiffany Keys and Tiffany T in vivid shades of red.

See the collection below—they definitely deserve a place on your Christmas wish list.

Necklace, Tiffany Cobblestone collection
Star Key pendant, Tiffany Keys collection
Sixteen Stone ring by Jean Schlumberger
Smile necklace, Tiffany T collection
Dragonfly brooches, Tiffany Enchant collection

The Tiffany & Co. Rubies collection will launch in stores November 2017.


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