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September 22, 2017 | BY Celine Yap

The A-Z of luxury watches: 25 years is no mean feat, and Franck Muller celebrated this milestone with a big bash in Geneva.


 The 25th anniversary of the Franck Muller manufacture was celebrated in a most charming fashion, as the House took its annual timepieces salon, the World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH), to a beautiful new venue. Instead of Watchland (the usual location) the presentation took place on the premises of the Grand Malagny Estate, a piece of property which is owned by the Franck Muller group.

The setting is at once completely traditional and utterly luxurious. Overlooking the Lake Geneva and the Alps around Genthod, this 18th century chateau and its accompanying French-styled gardens, along with two neo-classically inspired wings, will also accommodate Franck Muller’s new expansion plans.

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For the occasion of this silver jubilee, Franck Muller has made one very special timepiece. This astounding timepiece pays tribute to the manufacture’s most iconic shape, the Cintrée Curvex, yet at the same time it brings a completely new design audacity to the fore. For 20 years, watch connoisseurs have come to recognise the curved tonneau shape as a symbol of Franck Muller, but another element of the watch that people have come to appreciate deeply are the Art Deco numerals. These numerals are often seen around the Franck Muller boutiques and of course throughout Watchland. With the special piece, the numerals are featured prominently not just on the dial as appliques but all over the case too. Covering every perceptible surface of the gold case, the numbers were relief engraved and filled with ceramic, and then polished so that each number can be clearly admired.

Taking this much-loved design element to the next level, Franck Muller has demonstrated, once again, that its creativity known no bounds.

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