The Watch Expert's Guide: I For Innovation


August 1, 2017 | BY Celine Yap

The A-Z of luxury watches: Is Swiss watchmaking staid? Not in the world of Franck Muller, which produces timepieces that are audacious and innovative. 


Given his predilection for going against the grain, Franck Muller founded his eponymous watchmaking house on the basis of innovation. Creating timepieces that have never before existed was the ethos of Franck Muller and what drives the man behind the brand.

Every timepiece made proffered something completely new to the industry, whether it was a new complication, a new interpretation of an existing complication, an improvement to a complication, or even a novel approach to design. In short, Franck Muller is all about innovation, and innovation to Franck Muller can be found on the inside as well as the outside of a watch.