10 Most Memorable Fashion Moments From Spring/Summer 2018


October 9, 2017 | BY Cheryl Chan

We take a look back at some of the most talked-about moments during fashion month.

From incredible venues to supermodel revivals, it almost feels like an understatement when we say the spring/summer 2018 shows pulled out all the stops this fashion season.

Here’s our list of some of the best moments.


1. The return of the OG Supermodels

Claudia, Naomi, Helena, Cindy and Carla—models so famous they go by their first name only. The original supers of the ‘90s were revealed at the end of the Versace show, befitting of a collection that was Donatella’s tribute to Gianni’s legacy. The five of them appeared like glittering gold goddesses in draped metal mesh dresses that Gianni was known for as they linked arms and walked down the runway to George Michael’s Freedom 90—just like they did at the Versace autumn/winter show in 1991. This was truly a major fashion moment with a capital F. Just one question though—where was Linda? 

2.  Kaia Gerber’s official runway debut

It’s safe to say that when your mother is Cindy Crawford, it’s basically your birthright to follow in her long and extremely limber footsteps. While Gerber already has a couple of campaigns under her belt, this was her very first time on the catwalk. She showcased an incredible strut at Alexander Wang’s guerilla fashion show in Harlem and continued to walk at major shows like Valentino, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, Versace, Moschino, Prada, Burberry, Calvin Klein, including her opening Chanel and Fendi as well as closing the Marc Jacobs show. Not bad for a first timer! Did we mention the budding supermodel is only 16?

3. The Chanel Waterfall

When it comes to fashion shows set design, no one does it quite like Chanel. The fashion house is known for their immersive shows and never fail to create spectacular environments that would leave one in awe. They’ve created life-sized supermarkets, carousels and even rocket ships, and this year, Chanel has got us chasing waterfalls with a custom-made water feature right smack in the middle of the Grand Palais.

4. Crocs on the runway (again)

Much has been done in the past years to revolutionize fashion when it comes to comfort. Sneakers are now a mainstay with the street style set and we’ve seen them paired with everything from ripped denim jeans to floor-length gowns. But Crocs? Sorry, Christopher Kane and Balenciaga, even with platforms and embellishments, it’s still going to be a no from us.

5. Alexander Wang’s legendary after-party

#Wangfest. That’s going to be the hashtag people will remember for awhile. The designer's parties are one of the most anticipated fashion week events and this time proved no different,  Alexander Wang after party. Remote and industrial location? Check. Models and Instagirls in attendance? Double check. Open bar? There’s three. Performances from noughties superstars? We spied Ja Rule and Ashanti.  BRB, we’re still nursing our hangovers, sorry we mean “Wangovers” from this one.

6. The Saint Laurent show at the Eiffel tower

 An iconic Parisian brand showcasing at the Eiffel tower, what could be more quintessentially French than that? This season, Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello chose to use the city as the backdrop of his clothes, highlighting and celebrating the beauty of Paris together with his collection. The result? An astounding fashion moment which will be spoken about for years to come.

 7. The revival of Helmut Lang

Fashion sees its fair share of revivals, but the resurgence of Helmut Lang is one that is anything but ordinary. For the first time, an editor was hired to head the creative direction of a brand, and it's none other than 26-year-old Isabella Burley, editor-in-chief of Dazed & Confused London. Together with Hood By Air’s Shayne Oliver, the duo launched a Re-Edition collection of archival pieces designed by Lang himself that we’re sure to be in demand with today’s consumers dues to fashion’s current obsession with the '90s and early noughties.

8. New designer debuts

The designer musical chairs continue with three brands debuting new creative and artistic directors at Paris fashion week—Claire Wright Keller at Givenchy, Natasha Ramsay-Levi at Chloé and Olivier Lapidus at Lanvin. While Ramsay-Levi received a warm reception from the fashion press for her distinctively bohemian pieces and usage of prints at Chloé, Wright Keller and Lapidus weren’t so lucky, opening to mixed reviews the next day. 

9. The celebration of diversity

While a lack of racial and body diversity has always plagued the fashion industry, there are a handful of designers who try to prove the industry wrong every season. American designers Chromat and Christian Siriano both featured women of all colours, shapes and sizes at their shows, proving that fashion can be inclusive and isn’t one size fits all.

10. The Hiplet performance at Moncler

Remember the viral video clip of ballerinas dancing to Jason Derulo’s “It Ain’t Love” last year? Well, the Hiplet (pronounced hip-lay) ballerinas from Chicago’s Creative Media & Digital Culture Program appeared at the tail end of Paris Fashion Week to perform at Moncler’s contemporary dance inspired show, inciting a digital fervour that had everyone scrambling for their phones in a bid to quickly Instagram the performance. Let’s just say this was one moment that was (pun intended) on point.