10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore


January 11, 2018 | BY Terence Lim and Karishma Tulsidas

Individualistic and charming, these fashion mavens always know how to dress up for the occasion.

Shabnam Arashan

This petite powerhouse lawyer was Singapore’s representative for 2015 Asia’s Most Stylish, and always stands out for her on-trend ensembles. Shabnam Arashan has her finger on the latest fashions, and is always in the season’s hottest looks. While you’ll spot her in jeans and a simple tee on off-duty days, she turns up the heat in attention-grabbing outfits for society events, such as a romantic Alice McCall lace confection.

10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore
Margie Van Elten Blommaert

You will find this former model on the #frow of the Louis Vuitton and Hermès shows, selecting “edgy yet practical” pieces for her jet-setting lifestyle. Margie Van Elten Blommaert instantly stands out for her grey mane, which she refuses to colour as she says it has changed her style: “I used to dress more conservatively, but when I changed my hair, I realised that conservative plus grey hair equals old. So I started gravitating towards edgier pieces.” For her bold choices, she was awarded the Fashion Disrupter honour at the 2017 Singapore Tatler Fashion Awards, and always makes it a point to dress to the theme of the party: take for instance her avant-garde Dsquared body suit she wore at the Rebellious-themed Singapore Tatler ball 2017.  

Grace Chng

Statuesque beauty Grace Chng is never seen without her requisite bling, and she has a soft spot for the gems at Cartier, in particular the Panthère collection. Good taste, we say! Unafraid to try new styles, this fashionista loves shopping with her girlfriends, and has an eye for unusual and bold silhouettes that accentuate her slim physique. 

10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore
Dawn Koh

One half of the duo behind Singapore’s hottest cake shop The Chalk Farm, Dawn Koh was Singapore Tatler’s Fashion Newcomer 2017, thanks to her playful sense of style, evinced in the unexpected twists and silhouettes she sports. With her bleached blonde-grey hair framing her pretty face, she manages to pull off sweet and fearless harmoniously. She was educated at London College of Fashion and subsequently at Le Cordon Bleu, and her creative streak can be seen in the effortless way she mixes and matches high street and designer, always finding the right accessories for her outfits.  

Ho Ching Lin

The recipient of Singapore Tatler Award for Style 2016, Ho Ching Lin is always impeccably turned out in well-cut designer threads and couture togs. She believes that it is only basic courtesy to be well-dressed, whether it’s for work or play. And importantly, she favours comfort and functionality, which is necessary for her profession as eye surgeon. Ching-Lin also clearly understands what works for her body, and , often choosing feminine, frame-flattering silhouettes, allowing her to stand out from the madding crowd for good reasons.  

10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore
Susanna Kang

Indisputably Singapore's ultimate “fashion chameleon”, Susanna Kang has turned heads in classic ball gowns, funky streetwear and even esoteric and eccentric get-ups—all with equal aplomb. She is seldom seen without the requisite bling, opting to accentuate her fashion choices with outstanding and attention-grabbing, sparkling creations, which never fail to hit the right spot. A trained gemologist, she understands how the use of diamonds and coloured stones can work in her favour and further add sophistication to her ensembles. 

Georgia Lee

Georgia Lee is a fashion braveheart. Always willing to try new styles and push style boundaries, the aesthetic doctor has experimented with a plethora of looks—some more adventurous than the others—over the years. That she is statuesque and slim allows her to effortlessly carry off the latest runway trends—just like how a well-trained model would. The mother-of-two also spends a lot of time on her skincare regime, which has in turn spawned off her own beauty line, DrGL. An acute fashion sense combined with flawless complexion is certainly a key ingredient to her being a style icon.

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10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore
Nina Ng

A polished dresser, Nina Ng carries herself with elegance and individuality. She carries off formal wear with effortless ease and has the fashion chops to put her own spin on unconventional outfits like the Burberry pantsuit she wore to the Singapore Tatler Ball 2017. Recently, she has added one more genre to her repertoire: streetwear. But she takes it one level up, mixing her high fashion items with streetwear pieces—adding a dash of her own character to the streetwear trend.  

Mae Tan

The fashion influencer is your quintessential down-to-earth, individualistic millennial, but with her strong sense of aesthetic, she gives even the most established inflencers a run for their money. Mae Tan, the marketing creative at multi-label fashion store Surrender, is Singapore's queen of streetwear, mixing pieces from cult labels like Christian Dada and Off White—which Surrender carries—with high fashion. Her followers seem to think to too, as she has close to 71,000 followers on Instagram at @marxmae. 

10 Best Dressed Women In Singapore
Yenny Then

A fan of Burberry and Miu Miu, Yenny Then is always immaculately dolled up in classic and timeless designs, accessorised with dazzling jewels. Her monochromatic ensembles are always visually interesting for their unusual and bold silhouettes, and you can always count on her to add bold pops of colour, patterns and textures to lend her outfits that extra panache.

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