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Beauty Why Was The Tatler Nose Sent Off To Japan?

Why Was The Tatler Nose Sent Off To Japan?

Why Was The Tatler Nose Sent Off To Japan?
By The Tatler Nose
September 26, 2017
Tatler Focus
He definitely came back a changed man.

“I’ve been in a bit of rush of late. Sometimes it’s a looming deadline. Sometimes it’s when my GrabCar Premium driver gets lost for 10 mins. Occasionally it’s that concert that is sold out in nano-seconds (Yes, I’m talking about you, Ed Sheeran). 

My digital content director Daphne is concerned and sends me packing on the next flight out to Tokyo. “Take a breather. Go explore. And report back”. I've learnt there is really no arguing with Daphne, so I sort out my holiday capsule wardrobe in speed time, while she slips a “beauty care package” from Shiseido’s most luxurious skincare collection Future Solution LX into my Globetrotter luggage case. 

But I am reminded of life’s serendipitous paths: You never know where your discoveries will take you. But would this trip be the antidote that I need?”   

Chapter 1: Chado

“Since I arrived in Tokyo, I have refined my caffeine choices, choosing to sip on green tea over French press. To enhance my appreciation of it, I took lessons to truly experience the art of Chado. Rituals are lacking in the modern world right now, but there is immense beauty in the formality of this tea ceremony. The careful choreography, the mindfulness in each move is a reminder that I should never rush through the most mundane of everyday regimens. The next day as I was getting ready, I found myself going through the same motions with the bottle of Shiseido Future Solution LX Concentrated Balancing Softener E which similarly has Uji green tea extract to support the skin's regenerating abilities, prepping it to maximise the absorption of the goodness of my skincare products that follow. Lesson learned: Time taken to be in the moment, is not wasted.”

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Chapter 2: Ikebana

“I found that I can express my creativity like no other through the art of Ikebana. Imagine me! Oh, our society stalwarts back home will be pleased to find me as a new member of their Ikebana International Singapore Chapter. The art comes so naturally to me: I even had a eureka moment mid-arrangement and added my tub of Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream E to the vase, knowing that it can awaken the skin's natural rejuvenating abilities. Will it do the same for the blooms? In a blink of an eye, pink momo buds blossomed on the barren twigs. No surprise there—my night cream has the highest amount of the ground-breaking ingredient SkingenecellEnmei in the entire Future Solution LX collection, with extremely powerful rejuvenating abilities. Oh, if only Mother is here to see it. Absolutely, absolutely phenomenal.”

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Chapter 3: Karesansui

“I must admit that my skin has been looking more youthful than it has, since arriving in Tokyo, and I know it has everything to do with using Future Solution LX religiously, especially the final step of applying the Eye and Lip Contour Regenerating Cream E. The delicate skin around the eyes and lips is always the first tell-tale sign of fatigue and ageing, but now they beam with flawless radiance, thanks to my reparative cream. As I was in the Karesansui (a rock garden) today, I meticulously began erasing every single wave of gravel around the boulder, each melting into the ground as I smoothed it out with my rake. Perhaps intuitively, it just didn't make any sense for me to create any lines in the gravel. And truth be told, the Karesansui now looks sublime.”

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Chapter 4: Hanami

“This afternoon, I spent an idyllic day alone under the cherry blossoms with the company of the most darling kitten that made me miss my dog, Bo. The scent of the falling cherry blossoms reminded me of my jetlag-elixir, the multi-functional Future Solution LX Total Protection Cream E. The day cream enhances the skin's natural self-protective Daytime Defense Gene, which shields itself against urban pollutants and skin aggressors (such as UV rays) throughout the day. As I basked in the sunshine streaming in through the canopy of sakura, it occurred to me that over the course of my stay here, I had imbibed in the Japanese way of life, transforming simple routines into rich, sensorial experiences (including my Future Solution LX skin routine) and was ready to go back a changed man.”

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