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Beauty Here's The Secret To Removing Unwanted Scars Effectively

Here's The Secret To Removing Unwanted Scars Effectively

Here's The Secret To Removing Unwanted Scars Effectively
By Angelyn Kwek
April 30, 2019
Tatler Focus
Acne scars are now a thing of the past, thanks to a revolutionary treatment available exclusively at The Clifford Aesthetics

#Goodskingoals has never been more attainable with today’s advancement in cosmeceuticals. From infrared facials to combat ageing to laser treatments that correct pigmentation, there is no denying cutting-edge technology has changed the way we take care of our skin.

Besides the usual upkeeping measures that most folks sign up for, a visit to the derm can also entail the eradication of stubborn or embarrassing complexion problems that have plagued the better part of one’s life. Case in point: acne scars. Long-time sufferers will know all too well how the visibly depressed scarring and enlarged pores can put a dent in your self-confidence, and no over-the-counter product is able to sufficiently treat the issue.

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Enter the Acne Scar Treatment program by The Clifford Aesthetics, which utilises an exclusive breakthrough technology called Secret RF to effectively and safely remove acne scarring. This treatment has even gotten the stamp of approval from local veteran actor Mark Lee, whose active on-screen presence has seen to it that most Singaporeans grew up associating his complexion with acne scars—a problem he has struggled with since he was 15. But having embarked on the Acne Scar Program four years ago, Lee now happily shows off a much-improved complexion that is clearer and smoother.

Curious to discover more about this innovative treatment and how it can banish acne scars for good? Here’s what you need to know about this exclusive service by The Clifford Aesthetics.

What is the Acne Scar Treatment program?

Combining four different technologies—Infini Advanced Clinical Protocol (ACP), Edge Fractional CO2, Pico MLA and the Secret RF—into one system, the treatment delivers superior acne scar treatment and results. The Clifford Aesthetics is the first aesthetic clinic in Singapore to use this proprietary protocol, in conjunction with a customised treatment plan tailored to every client to optimise scar recovery and skin regeneration.

The acne scar treatment program is non-invasive, using precisely controlled Fractional RF waves that enter the dermis via a handheld device equipped with medical-grade micro-needles to minimise discomfort. Both the Infini ACP and Secret RF delivers a powerful synergistic effect that stimulates the fibroblasts deep within both the subdermal and dermal layers by heating the tissues, and simultaneously remodels the skin by inducing collagen regeneration to promote wound healing. Moreover, the Secret RF is the only machine to use what is known as ‘Subscision with Radio Frequency Assistance’ to break up scar fibres while also helping to lift the facial contours.

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What results can you expect?

Effective, reliable, and safe, the Acne Scar Treatment protocol is the preferred method for removing acne scars as it has the outstanding ability to deliver the most precise thermal effect to the correct depth of the skin up to the smallest millimetre. This allows your aesthetician to cater to various depths of acne scarring while reducing damage to the surface of the skin, thereby minimalising recovery downtime.

Its innovative nature is such that it is capable of treating all skin types, even darker skin, with low risk of side effects. Visible results can be seen from as quick as one session, and clients can opt for a three, six, or 12-month treatment programme depending on the severity and depth of their acne scars.

To make an appointment with The Clifford Aesthetics, call 6532 2048 or WhatsApp 8318 6332. Find out more about the Acne Scar Treatment here.


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