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Beauty Tatler Tries: How We Achieved Glowing Skin For The New Year With Porcelain's Sun Rescue Facial

Tatler Tries: How We Achieved Glowing Skin For The New Year With Porcelain's Sun Rescue Facial

Tatler Tries: How We Achieved Glowing Skin For The New Year With Porcelain's Sun Rescue Facial
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
December 30, 2019
Have you decided on your beauty resolutions? Nevertheless, we all need that much needed bespoke facial tailored to our skin types before we say goodbye to 2019

Don’t get me wrong, the festive period is the most wonderful time of the year. But in between balancing work and personal commitments (reunion gatherings and parties, you get the drift), I noticed lately that stress was showing on my face in the form of dry and dull skin, as well as breakouts.

So, before the year ended, I arranged for a much-needed facial pampering at Porcelain in Paragon. Booking was a breeze (you can call or book online), and before my appointment, I was asked what my most pressing concerns were—dry skin, pimples and acne marks. I was recommended the signature Sun Rescue facial to hydrate and repair my skin and achieve that healthy glow. Here’s how my experience went.

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The Welcome

My treatment began with a personalised consultation with their trained therapists. Using the latest technology from Korea, they evaluated my skin condition through the following factors: moisture vs. sebum level, pores, wrinkles, acne and skin age, among others.

Even with my regular skincare routine that involves daily cleansing, using toner and moisturiser, the results weren’t good. My forehead and cheeks were extremely dry (I was told my skin age was five years older than me), my pores were slightly enlarged, and I had stubborn acne spots that just wouldn’t go away. Which was why my therapist further personalised my Sun Rescue treatment, to help tackle these problems.

The treatment and technique

My two-hour facial began with double cleansing to remove makeup, dirt and any residue on my face. I have extremely sensitive skin (no thanks to eczema) but, thankfully, I didn’t have any allergic reactions to the in-house products used. From the first step, my facial therapist Zoey already focused on hydrating my skin with the makeup cleanser, which not only loosened impurities but provided deep hydration, and natural skin refiner, a non-abrasive exfoliator which stimulated skin regeneration.

Instead of spraying the face with steam, the next step was CryoProbe. It’s one of the latest medi-technologies from Korea where Zoey chilled the surface of my skin to revive my skin health, reduce the size of pores and firm up the skin. Don’t worry about feeling cold in the treatment room, as all their beds have heated mattresses to keep you warm and toasty from start to end. 

One thing Zoey noticed about my face was that I have very thin skin, which is likely due to constant peels that were done in the past in hopes of removing unwanted scars. She decided then and there to include the photorejuvenation treatment into my session, which uses IPL technology to zap away dark spots as well as brighten the skin.

To infuse moisture into the deeper layers of my epidermis, the OxySpray mist therapy was used. The mist was sprayed directly onto my skin, a process which Zoey revealed was 90 per cent more effective (than applying creams on the face) in restoring the skin’s health and radiance.

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The Week After

The results were clearly evident even after one session—my skin looked more supple and the old acne scars were visibly lighter. My main concern about having dry skin was also addressed as I could tell there was great improvement overall.

My skin felt rejuvenated and, most importantly, looked my age—or even younger. It was just what I needed to welcome 2020 on a good note. 


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