We Found The Perfect Place For All-Day Pampering In The Heart Of Orchard


September 28, 2017 | BY Elizabeth Lee and Nicolette Wong

From hair to nails, you'll be primed for pampering at level four of Tangs Orchard.

If you've been mourning the disappearance of  Seviin, don't fret, because Tangs Orchard's renovated fourth floor is your answer to all the pampering your heart desires.

Offering beauty treatments from Chanel, Dior, Shiseido, as well as hair and nail services at Urbanhair and M'pir respectively, you won't have to venture far the next time you're looking to spend a full day just relaxing.

Here are some of our favourite treatments.


Sulwhasoo Concentrated Renewing Ginseng Treatment

"No stranger to the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Renewing Ginseng Treatment, I couldn't resist booking an appointment soon after opening day. Sulwhasoo is known for using only their products and the handwork of their experienced therapists for their facials—there are no high-tech machines in here—so you'll never experience a smidgen of discomfort.

After cleansing and removing my makeup, the treatment began with a soothing meridian-point massage. A cool jade applicator is used for this step and it's believed that stimulating the facial points would help to lift and ease away signs of water retention.  After the Capsulized Ginseng Fortifiying Serum is applied, you'll be treated to yet another gentle massage, this time, with just the theparist's hands.

Buyer beware: You'll likely be snoring unattractively halfway through this treatment because yes, it's that relaxing." -EL

We Found The Perfect Place For All-Day Pampering In The Heart Of Orchard

Qween Enhanced Russian Eyelash Extension

"When I heard that eyelash boutique, Qween, a new addition to Tang's stable of beauty services, was a hot favourite amongst customers, my interest was piqued. Specialising in eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery and hair removal, they promise European standards delivered with an Asian touch.

Once you're ushered into one of the cabins, the therapist begins the long and arduous task of attaching 0.03mm to 0.2mm wide eyelashes strand by strand. The entire process, which lasts slightly over an hour, requires you to keep your eyes shut throughout, so you can take this chance to catch forty winks, or  start a conversation with the therapist.

It's worth the wait, of course, as all good things are, as the result is full, voluminous lashes that look natural and are soft to the touch. Besides the added advantage of looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with minimal effort, you don't have to bother with mascara, and the lashes will last for up to three weeks (longer, if you are extra careful)." -EL


Orchard Health Lifestyle JCT™ Lower Body

"Unlike some of its flashier neighbouts, Orchard Health Lifestyle is almost nondescript, tucked away in a corner next to Island Cafe. But if you've been suffering aches or pains lately, this might be just what you need to work out those knots. The Lifestyle JCT™ Lower Body treatment is great for people who are frequent flyers or who spend large amounts of time seated—two factors that contribute to swelling and a feeling of stiffness in your legs.

You lie down, fully clothed, on one of the flat beds. Using what they call the Joint Centralisation Technique (JCT), a therapist works on mobilising your joints. Some of the techniques used are quite similar to what you would find in physiotherapy (Disclaimer: The therapists are not certified doctors, and should not be regarded as so)—you're stretched, you're pulled and you can expect a crick or two from creaky joints.

It's not at all like any experience I've had but I walked out feeling the most invigorated I'd been in awhile." -EL

We Found The Perfect Place For All-Day Pampering In The Heart Of Orchard

Shiseido Future Solution LX Yutaka Treatment

"Every year, beauty editors in Singapore would eagerly await the arrival of Shiseido’s therapist from Japan. Her presence could only mean one thing—the Shiseido Future Solution LX Yutaka treatment was back on the menu. This hallowed facial was never made widely available to the public, only to Shiseido VIPs and people in-the-know—there was only one pair of hands available, after all, and only for one month each year. Now, however, the signature treatment is finally available to all who can secure a coveted appointment at the Shiseido spa in Tangs. 

The treatment targets every one of your senses to relax and rejuvenate your skin. The room is filled with a song by Yuri Morimoto called Omotenashi Sound, which layers traditional Japanese shakuhachi flute music with the viol and other sounds of nature like bubbling brooks and lyrical bird songs. The air is filled with the scent of Japanese roses, cherry blossoms and plum blossoms, and the therapist massages your skin with special handmade tools made of delicate Imari-ware porcelain, which was supposedly favoured by European aristocracy in the 17th and 18th centuries. The firm but gentle strokes serve to both stimulate the skin and relax the mind—don’t be surprised if you fall asleep in amidst the tranquility. On top of all that, your skin is pampered with skincare from the Future Solution LX line, designed to strengthen the skin and enhance its youth and longevity.

 There’s a reason this facial is a beauty editor favourite. When you step out of the Shiseido salon, both you and your skin will feel refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated." -NW


DrSpa Glow Mira-Lift

"Stepping into the new DrSpa at Tangs was like walking into a lush urban garden, with concrete slabs nestled among deep green vines. My pleasure soon gave way to horror, however, as the DrSpa facial scanning machine used during the consultation informed me that my skin was at least two years older than my actual age. My skin was dull and dehydrated, I had open pores, and far more fine lines than was normal for someone my age, especially around the eye area. 

Fortunately, however, the Glow Mira-Lift facial that I was prescribed was touted to solve all of those problems. The non-invasive treatment combines three different cutting-edge technologies to lift, plump, and smooth out the skin for a visibly younger complexion in just one session. Radio frequency helps to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin, increasing its metabolism and making it produce more collagen and elastin. Gold-plated derma-channelling deeply infuses pure hyaluronic acid into layers of the skin to immediately lift facial contours and improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Finally, IonWave technology uses electroporation to maximize the permeability of cells, allowing them to better absorb the active ingredients without puncturing the skin.

I walked out of DrSpa with skin that was smoother and visibly glowing, and the glow didn’t abate for quite a few days longer than other facials. My skin did feel more sensitive to the touch, but I experienced no adverse effects otherwise. In the following weeks, the fine lines around my eyes have faded noticeably, and I would say that the Glow Mira-Lift definitely played a part in their disappearance." -NW

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