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Beauty Sulwhasoo Brings A New Level Of Luxury To Cushion Foundations

Sulwhasoo Brings A New Level Of Luxury To Cushion Foundations

Sulwhasoo Brings A New Level Of Luxury To Cushion Foundations
By Singapore Tatler
January 02, 2017

Reap greater skincare benefits with the new Perfecting Cushion Intense.


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If you love the weightless finish of cushion foundations, but have yet to find one that offers great coverage for flaws and blemishes, the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense may be your true skin match. Ever raising the bar for beauty, Sulwhasoo has developed a truly luxurious cushion that delivers on the coverage, anti-ageing and radiance front. It bathes skin in luminosity, airbrushes away flaws and infuses skin with precious anti‑ageing ingredients

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In fact, the Perfecting Cushion Intense features a list of skincare actives fit for Korean royalty. Infused with precious red pine extract from the brand’s Timetreasure line, the cushion accelerates skin rejuvenation and resilience so that damaged skin bounces back to life. This exceptional product also recharges skin’s antioxidant abilities with plum blossom extract for sun, environmental and age defence.

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Like a delicate veil for your skin, this cushion reflects light exquisitely thanks to the Radiance Pearl Powder Complex. It creates a natural silky glow that emanates from within and conceals flaws. Sulwhasoo’s seven-colour matrix system also includes a selection of pink and yellow tones to correct yellowness and redness in Asian skin.

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From left to right: pale pink, light pink, light beige, medium pink, medium beige, deep beige, dark beige

Thanks to its Watercolour Technology, you don’t even need a professional make-up artist on standby anymore. As its name suggests, it disperses pigments perfectly like watercolour, while Sulwhasoo’s ultra-fine brush puff conceals wrinkles and flaws so naturally that you will look like you were born with perfect skin. 

Cushion Road Test

We invited three gorgeous ladies to experience the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense. Here are their glowing reviews.


"My first impression of the compact case was that it looked very elegant—a little like the cherry wood interior of a car! Truth is, I have never used a cushion foundation before but I liked how dewy and fresh it made my skin look. My boss actually complimented me on the first day I started using it. Even though I hadn’t slept much the night before, I looked like I had 10 hours of sleep!

I am constantly in an air-conditioned environment, so I also liked how the product prevented my skin from feeling dry or looking dull, even at the end of a long day. It glides onto my skin smoothly, evens out my skin tone, and didn’t cake, clog pores or feel too heavy. It is best for daily use because it doesn’t feel or look like you are wearing anything at all—just that you have great skin. I also love how light and compact it is—it fits snugly in my handbag.”—Nada Jumabhoy


"Compared to another luxury cushion foundation I have tried, this one performs better in terms of coverage and lasting power. It offers medium coverage, and can be layered on for more coverage, if necessary. It adapts to my skin tone, improves dullness and conceals light pigmentation. My complexion also appears more radiant, luminous, moist and dewy after application.

Since it is formulated with anti-ageing ingredients, the cushion is targeted for more mature skin. My skin felt moisturised upon application and it smoothes out all fine lines. I would probably use this product for most occasions, especially when I am travelling to a colder climate and need to keep my skin hydrated. I also like the subtle flowery scent, and the understated elegance of the ombre brown compact case, which is so different from the ubiquitous white cushion compacts that are on the market.”—Ho Ching Yun


"I don’t usually wear heavy make-up and tend to prefer an almost no make-up look. So I really like the natural finish of the cushion foundation. It smoothes, refines and illuminates my skin while remaining lightweight and breathable in hot and humid weather. Sometimes, a powder foundation can feel a little too dry for my skin, but this cushion felt hydrating even after spending long hours in an air-conditioned room.

I would recommend it for daily use because it’s so natural and versatile. I put it on for a casual luncheon with a friend, work meetings and a shopping date with my son, and it kept my skin looking flawless and radiant throughout the day. Another plus: the pretty packaging. I appreciate the Korean-inspired aesthetics—my husband is Korean, so this has special meaning for me.”—Elaine Kim



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