Style Lessons from 2015’s Fashion Hall of Fame Inductees


March 29, 2016 | BY Hayden Ng

2015’s Fashion Hall of Fame inductees obviously have a passion for fashion. What can we learn from these style mavens?


From left: Stephanie Lee, Shabnam Arashan, Elaine Lim-Chan, Chan Kok Weng.

Every year, the team at Singapore Tatler seeks out the stylish individuals in Singapore who’re as passionate about fashion as we are. This year, it’s no different and we can’t wait to welcome the new inductees for 2016. As we inch closer to the actual day, we take a trip down memory lane and look back at what fashion means to 2015’s inductees.


“Fashion is instant language but style is the extension of one’s personality and by being true to oneself. One should always wear the clothes and not let the clothes wear you. A truly stylish person can carry off any label without a hefty price tag and yet stay true to their personality.”
Stephanie Lee


“Fashion, for me, has always been fun. Fashion should never be frustrating. My style has evolved as I’ve matured and I have learnt to dress for myself and not others.”
Shabnam Arashan


“Fashion is not about labels or brands. It’s something else that comes from within us, it prompts our individuality and it makes us unique and distinctive. When I walk into a room, I hope people look at me first, and not my clothes. It’s about how you carry yourself, and allowing your style to express your personality.”
Elaine Lim-Chan


“I tend to switch up my style depending on where I am travelling to, especially in fashion capitals where I’m free to experiment with new looks and seasonal dressing. Fashion and style are completely up to the individual, and each person should set his own trends.” 
Chan Kok Weng

Watch what happened at Fashion Hall of Fame 2015.

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