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Watches 5 Expert Tips on How to Care for Your Watches and Jewellery Collections

5 Expert Tips on How to Care for Your Watches and Jewellery Collections

5 Expert Tips on How to Care for Your Watches and Jewellery Collections
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By Jacqueline Kot
June 18, 2021
Tips from the experts on how to keep your watch and jewellery collections sparkling and safe

A collection of fine watches and jewellery is not just a trove of exquisite creations to add glamour and sparkle to an outfit; the pieces in it can be mementoes from important milestones or heirlooms in the making. We’ve gathered expert advice on safe storage to ensure your collections are kept in the best possible condition for generations to come.

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1/5 Differentiate Your Diamonds

As diamonds are incredibly hard, storing them in the same compartment as your other jewellery can harm precious metals and stones such as rubies and sapphires, and even other pieces of diamond jewellery. “You should make sure that the pieces do not touch each other if possible, as one piece of jewellery may damage another inadvertently,” advises Jonathan J Abram, director at Ronald Abram.

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2/5 Perfect Packages

It is best to store each watch and piece of fine jewellery separately in soft pouches. “We recommend clients store jewellery in the original brand box, as those are designed with proper material and protection,” says Arnaud Bastien, president and chief executive of Graff Diamonds Asia.

If you prefer to store all your pieces in one box, take stock of your collection first. “If you have in excess of 20 pieces, I suggest grouping them in categories. This will make it easier to find pieces,” says Abram. “In terms of materials, you should look for cases with soft, protective fabrics, as jewellery can be delicate.”

In addition, make sure that jewellery boxes are wiped regularly with a soft cloth, both inside and out, to remove dust.

3/5 Safekeeping

“The best place to keep your jewellery is in a safe. If you don’t have a safe, we would suggest using a bank safe deposit box,” says Abram. 

Make sure the safe is hidden from sight and away from the common areas of your home. When opening your safe, make sure to draw the curtains if there are windows nearby. The safe should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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4/5 Material Matters

Pearls are organic material and need a small amount of moisture, so storing them in an airtight bag or box will diminish their shine. Wipe pearls gently with a damp cloth to remove traces of dust, perfume and other chemicals that can damage them.

5/5 Watch Out

Watch straps will contain remnants of dirt and soap after a day’s wear, so get into the habit of cleaning them with a microfibre cloth after each use.

If you have an extensive collection of watches, remove the batteries from those you don’t wear as often, so they won’t leak and damage the mechanism. Wind mechanical watches regularly so they remain in good condition. For watches with a perpetual calendar, invest in a good-quality winder but be mindful of how long the watch is kept in the winder, especially if you don’t intend to wear it for a while.


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