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Beauty Do You Need A Personal Bridal Skincare Planner?

Do You Need A Personal Bridal Skincare Planner?

Do You Need A Personal Bridal Skincare Planner?
By Melissa Gail Sing
November 18, 2017


The miracles of SK-II and the luxury of having your own bridal skincare planner come together at SK-II Boutique Spa.

For many frazzled brides-to-be, a good wedding planner is a godsend. Now consider the wonders of having a personal bridal skincare planner. With SK-II Boutique Spa’s Ravishing Brides programme, your own bridal skincare planners, comprising skin specialists and beauty therapists, will journey with you towards your big day, so you you’ll look flawless and radiant.

Depending on your skin type and needs and keeping in mind key dates such as your marriage solemnisation ceremony and pre-wedding shoot, a customised skincare plan will be drawn up. A typical 12-month bridal beauty journey comprises the Purifying Phase to unclog pores and rid skin of blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities through treatments such as the Discovery Facial; the Hydrating Period where facials such as Senzational and Luxe will prep skin for maximum absorption of SK-II “miracle” nutrients; the Strengthening Period to make skin resilient against stress; and finally, the Boosting Period one to three months before the wedding, when treatments such as the Senze Renewal Proionic Facial and SK-II Aura Lucency Facial will render skin bright and translucent. 

Treatments are done on the ultra-comfortable and innovative Senzational Bed that is designed to help lower the level of stress hormones. Advice on homecare for your skin as well as lifestyle and dietary changes will enhance the results of your skincare plan.

Signature treatments

  • SK-II Senzational Facial
  • Senze Oxygenated Facial
  • SK-II Aura Lucency Facial
Dana Cheong
Dana Cheong

“The music and scent at the reception area eased me into relaxation mode. The therapist was very gentle as she gave the Senze Oxygenated Facial which uses oxygen and a serum to rejuvenate the skin while I inhaled pure oxygen. My skin felt rejuvenated and more supple post-treatment. A good selection of healthy beverages and snacks at the relaxation area, and a powder room stocked with SK-II products for touch-ups made the entire experience enjoyable.” - Dana Cheong


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