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Beauty Eyebrow Embroidery, Microblading, Misting in Singapore: How They Work and Expert Tips

Eyebrow Embroidery, Microblading, Misting in Singapore: How They Work and Expert Tips

Eyebrow Embroidery, Microblading, Misting in Singapore: How They Work and Expert Tips
(Image: Unsplash)
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
February 24, 2021
I went for a Brow Detailing session at DrSpa x The Make Up Room, and got brow expert and veteran makeup artist Low Jyue Huey to demystify all the semi-permanent eyebrow treatments from microblading to eyebrow embroidery

When you combine the expertise of Singapore’s veteran makeup artists, The Make Up Room’s Bobbie Ng and Low Jyue Huey along with DrGL’s skincare products for a brow session, the result is a class act.

Low worked her magic on my brows over two different sessions (the first, followed by a colour tune-up): Besides being one of the loveliest and most accommodating people to work with, Low spent a good amount of time getting the brow shape perfect, taking my features and makeup preferences into consideration. While some salons use brow templates, Low draws out the shape of the brows by hand. 

After the shape has been confirmed, she works with the salon's Brow Specialist to discuss the different brow detailing techniques to achieve a semi-permanent eyebrow colour with micro-blading and misting: 

  1. Microblading etches precise brow hairs by applying a semi-permanent pigment to the top layer of the skin with needles or blades. It is also referred to as eyebrow embroidery—both terms are used interchangeably.
  2. Misting is an ‘airbrush’ technique that inputs fine dots of pigment into the skin for a natural, fuller look.

Low uses a combination of both techniques—microblading and misting—which takes more time but also creates the most natural brows. She calls it nano-blading: “where we create hairlike strokes and the misting allows us to we shade in for dimension”.

Other aliases for nano-blading are micro-shading and micro-feathering. Low explains: “It’s the same technique but arrangement of the shading process varies.” 

Here's what you should know before you do it: 

1/4 If it’s your first time, go easy

As it was the first time I was getting eyebrow embroidery done, we took a more subtle route with the shading, and I returned after two weeks for a tune-up session. That’s when Low observed how the colour was retained and refined the shape of my brows again.

Avoid opting for full brows with clear edges if it's your first time. A better approach would be to opt for more feather-like edges for a subtle look and creating a more defined shape in your second session. 

2/4 Find out what pigments are used

A long-lasting pigment does not mean that it’s good, as pigments are inserted into the skin and stay in the body forever. The Brow Detailing process at DrSpa x The Make Up Room uses clean, stable Phibrows pigments whose formula does not include iron oxide, heavy metals or titanium ingredients in the ink.  

3/4 It should not hurt

While everyone’s threshold varies, take the time to wait for the local anesthetic cream to take effect before the session, which takes about 30 minutes. More importantly, when it starts to wear off and you can feel slight discomfort, you can (and should) ask for more numbing cream.

4/4 It's not business as usual post-treatment

After the treatment, the colour will look much darker than the final effect, and the skin will also start to scab and flake unevenly. It takes about a week or more for the skin to heel before your brows look natural. Take care of your brows: apply a soothing cream, like the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost. To extend the life of your semi-permanent colour, avoid using masks, acid peels and scrubs on the brows. 


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