The Groomer That Sanveer Gill Can't Live Without


September 22, 2016 | BY Chong Seow Wei and Jolene Khor

The director of lifestyle group Gill Capital shares who he calls when he needs a quick grooming fix.

The Service Grooming
On His Speed Dial William Yip

Should Sanveer Gill’s hair look a tad unruly, or his beard overgrown, give the man a break. It’s no indication of his personal grooming—it’s just that his favourite barber, William Yip, is possibly out of town. If there’s one principle that the director of lifestyle group Gill Capital stands by, it’s loyalty. “I never have and never will,” he replies without a moment’s hesitation when asked if he “cheats” on his barber of three years, whom he has on call 24/7.

The two are obviously tight. Sanveer quips that Yip harbours a secret crush on him. “He’s very dedicated, very passionate. When he’s checking the alignment and symmetry of my beard, it looks like he’s gazing romantically into my eyes. It’s funny because his assistant, who’s also his girlfriend, is present at every appointment.”

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But it wasn’t always wisecracks and witty repartee. Sanveer admits he’s exercised his sharp tongue when they first corresponded. “For the longest time, he called me weekly to come in for a free shave. Frankly, it was annoying. I told him repeatedly to leave me alone.” However, when an emergency came up, Sanveer decided to give Yip a shot. The latter’s persistence—and talent—paid off. Sanveer has never sought the services of another barber in Singapore since.

Photography: Darren Gabriel Leow
Fashion Direction: Desmond Lim  
Hair and Make-Up: Sha Shamsi/Indigo Artisans, using L’oréal Professionel and Too Faced, at Sephora

Sanveer wears wool turtleneck by Ermenegildo Zegna; watch by Elegance Club, at Jocalia by Zenith Affair.

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