Rebecca Eu Takes On Tatler's Styling Challenge


October 4, 2017 | BY Cheryl Chan


We put Generation T lister Rebecca Eu's fashion chops to the test by throwing her three blind styling challenges using clothes and accessories from Scotts Square. How well did she fare?


With her social enterprise Love, Meian ethically produced fashion label that retails handmade apparel and accessories with all net profits channelled towards providing survivors of human trafficking in the Philippines with skills training and employmentSingapore Tatler friend and 2016 Generation T lister Rebecca Eu is no stranger when it comes to fashion. But how well can she do when faced with pressure? We task her with a series of styling challenges that would test even the most seasoned of professionals. 

Watch as Rebecca scrambles amongst a rack of clothes, shoes and accessories as she races against time to assemble three perfect looks. 

Challenge 1:

Work a fall/winter 2017 trend: Dress head-to-toe in red

How would you describe your style?

Comfortable, effortless and polished. I travel a lot for work so I don't like to wear too many layers and tend to go for pieces in neutral tones that are simple and versatile. A typical outfit for me would consist of a buttoned-down shirt, a nice bottom and a pair of statement earrings. I also never leave home without a great blazer and red lipstick as I'm shuffling from school to meetings all the times so it's a quick way for me to look professional.

What did you think of the styling challenges?

I thought it was really fun because you get to rummage through all these amazing items but then it started getting stressful when I realised I only had 30 seconds to actually pick out an outfit—and a minute for the last challenge—that's good enough to impress the Singapore Tatler team! (Ed's note: She did!)

Did you find any of the challenges difficult?

It was really tough! One of the challenges was to wear a head-to-toe red look and I've never done that before. I've worn one red dress my whole life and when I was told it had to be a full look I was screaming internally! The challenge where I had to incorporate five Hermès scarves into one outfit also threw me off. I felt like I needed to sit down for awhile upon hearing that challenge.

Challenge 2:

Try a streetstyle trend: Style a dress over pants

How would you rank the challenges?

Styling a dress over pants was easy, followed by the head-to-toe red look but only because I felt self-conscious about looking like a red packet! The scarves challenge was the most difficult because that took real creative effort to create something interesting.

 Did you feel like giving up at any point?

No, I would have probably begged for more time though! With these sort of challenges you can't give up, you just have to experiment and get out of your comfort zone and look at these clothes and accessories differently. That's what I'm trying to do as a personal goal as wellto experiment with fashion.

Could you see yourself wearing any of the looks in real life? And where would you wear them to?

I would wear all of them out, especially the outfit with the five scarves. It was quirky, creative and classy—that's the kind of outfit I want to be seen wearing more often. The head-to-toe red outfit would be perfect on a date, especially if you're trying to make a first impression. It's sexy, bold and would make anyone feel very confident in it. The dress over pants look is perfect for school or when you travel as it's very practical but still stylish. The dress doubles up as a jacket if you’re cold and at night you can wear the dress on its own. When you travel you want to take as many versatile pieces as possible and with that look, you can create at least two great outfits.

Challenge 3:  

Incorporate five different scarves into one outfit

Do you shop at Scotts Square? What are some of the shops you regularly frequent?

 Yes I do!  I grew up always wanting to wear dresses from Trixilini as they have a really good curation. I love Pedder On Scotts as well. I'm always discovering new brands and designers there.

While you were rummaging through the rack, were there any items that caught your eye?

I loved the items from Jo Kilda. They fit me really well and just felt really comfortable to wear. I loved the shoes from Christian Louboutin as well. The designs were really creative and they were real statement pieces that made me appreciate the brand so much more. Milly from Closet also had some great basics with a twist. For accessories wise, it has to be Hermès—that goes without saying!

Videography Ewan Lim & Quinatasya Afridi
Content Director Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
Hair Sean Ang/ Fac3inc using Keune
Make-up GregO using Three Cosmetics
Assistance April Lee & Wanlin Low
Plants Floral Obsession 

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