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Beauty Privé Clinic: Rewind The Clock With These 3 Filler Treatments

Privé Clinic: Rewind The Clock With These 3 Filler Treatments

Prive Fillers
By Vanessa Chia
February 21, 2017

An instant and pain-free answer to a younger looking you. 



Dubbed as “liquid facelifts”, dermal fillers have become more popular in the recent years. Besides filling in deep-set wrinkles and lines on the face, these soft tissue fillers can also be used to add volume and even provide hydration too. But most importantly, fillers are less invasive than undergoing surgery, less painful and have little to no downtime, making them an ideal lunchtime aesthetic treatment.

In addition, the fillers used at Privé Clinic are all FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and HSA (Health Science Authorities, Singapore) approved, and done professionally by a doctor, so you can be assured that the treatment is safe.

While filler injections are not permanent in nature, they are still a good alternative to maintaining a youthful complexion. And at Privé Clinic, only non-permanent and semi-permanent fillers are used. The former lasts for up to six months while the latter can last up to three years. But not to worry, these treatments are easily repeated to ensure that the effects are well-maintained.

Here are 3 popular filler treatments to try

1. For Facial Contouring and Wrinkle Reduction

With age, our skin loses its collagen and fat content, which results in skin becoming thinner, more wrinkled and saggy. To re-plump the skin for a youthful looking complexion, fillers can be used to replace the lost volume in areas where it’s needed. In addition, fillers can also be used to add definition at the same time. For a flat facial profile, fillers can be injected in areas such as the nose, chin, the cheeks and even near the cheekbones for more prominent looking facial features.

2. For Deep Skin Hydration

Besides being used for facial contouring, fillers such as the Dew Drops Skinbooster that contain hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules can also be injected into the deeper layers of the skin to boost moisture levels within. This not only help restore skin’s hydrobalance and elasticity, but also helps reduce skin’s roughness for a smooth, supple and radiant complexion. This treatment is ideal for treating sun damaged areas that have caused roughness, dryness and other signs of premature ageing.

3. For Collagen Production

 Another use of fillers, which is lesser known, is to encourage natural collagen production. Collagen lies in the deep dermis of the skin and is necessary to support the elastin and moisture within, together which keeps skin plump, full and youthful looking. But with ageing, skin’s collagen diminishes, causing a slackening of the skin. To treat this, fillers can be used, acting as a collagen-replenishing treatment, working with the body to rebuild its lost collagen. Note: Results of this treatment are gradual and subtle, and not instantaneous.

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