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JewelleryPrada's First Ever Jewellery Line Will Bring You Good Luck

Prada's First Ever Jewellery Line Will Bring You Good Luck

Prada's First Ever Jewellery Line Will Bring You Good Luck
By Aditi Rane
June 19, 2017

The spotlight shines on talismans for the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.

Prada Talisman 2JC157 Shell Jewels-.jpg

Prada Talisman 1JC142 Animalier wood.jpg

Prada Talisman 1JC149 Animalier stone.jpg

Prada Talisman 1JC151 Animalier wood.jpg

Prada Talisman 2JC154 Animalier wood_detail.jpg

Prada Talisman 2JC155 Animalier wood_detail.jpg

Prada Talisman 2JC157 Shell Jewels detail.jpg

Prada Talisman 2JC170 Animalier wood.jpg

Prada Talisman 2JC172 Animalier stone.jpg

Talismans, typically an object like a stone or piece of jewellery, are said to possess magic powers and ward off evil.  For their very first jewellery collection, Prada was inspired by the practice of constructing these good luck charms and the result? Intricate, breathtaking jewellery that have been beautifully designed.

The pieces are hand crafted from semi-precious stones, silver and other natural materials to embody the same aloof mystery and charm talismans have known to carry for centuries, as it plays on the relationship between primaeval artefacts and the evolution of culture and society.

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The unisex line incorporates rarified elements with a unique raw edge to each individual piece while refined silver mouldings hold the elements into place. Prada does its packaging right once again with a satin-lined Saffiano box that embodies the fundamental inspiration of mystical entities found throughout history, tying the concept together in a superlative manner.

In mythology, a talisman’s strength is maintained as long as it is coveted, the Prada Talisman will only reveal its true aura once it has worked its magic.

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Singapore will be one of the 19 countries worldwide, and the only in Southeast Asia, to carry the Prada Talisman line, it is a highly coveted and anticipated launch.


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