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Jewellery Jewels & Time 2020: Piaget’s Wings of Light High Jewellery Collection Celebrates the Tropics

Jewels & Time 2020: Piaget’s Wings of Light High Jewellery Collection Celebrates the Tropics

Jewels & Time 2020: Piaget’s Wings of Light High Jewellery Collection Celebrates the Tropics
By Tan Wei Lin
November 12, 2020
Venture into lush jungles with Piaget’s latest high jewellery interpretations of their surrounds and inhabitants

Year after year, Piaget turns flora, fauna, and myriad elements of nature into stunning high jewellery creations that showcase some of the rarest gems of the world with jewellery-making techniques that are distinctively its signatures. Also unique to its high jewellery collections is that trademark quality of joyful radiance, which no one else but Piaget can impart to precious gold and jewels of the most exquisite nature.

This year is no different as the maison makes its way into lush tropical jungles, crafting spectacular high jewellery inspired by colourful birds and flowers, the sun and hidden oases. What’s new, however, are jewellery explorations that are more dramatic than ever and also the inclusion of fresh design signatures.

To illustrate our point, here are three of such creations.

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Majestic Plumage Necklace

Surely the showpiece of the Wings of Light collection, this spectacular necklace is a transformable creation that can be worn in four ways—in its full glory as you see it depicted in the image above; a necklace without the feather-marquetry elements; and a single ear cuff, which can also be taken apart to become two separate ear cuffs that can be worn on both ears.

At its centre is an extremely rare 7.49-carat Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique, which bears a startling turquoise hue that perfectly sets off the other striking shades featured in the necklace. Feather marquetry is naturally an apt choice for a decorative accent here, and is exquisitely executed by French master plumassiere Nelly Saunier.

Rainbow Light Manchette

A magnificent sunset is captured in this substantial cuff—the central rubellite of 22.68 carats plays the fiery sun while marquetry accents are placed in a radiating pattern to mimic its rays. The marquetry, which is meticulously composed with tiny pieces of wood, leather and mother-of-pearl, is a new signature of Piaget.

Mother-of-pearl, being such a delicate material, has to be handled with high levels of care during the marquetry process. It is cut at different lengths and crafted on a curved stand, then treated with a thin layer of varnish to make it resistant to water and UV rays. Everything is positioned onto a background of etched gold in Piaget’s distinctive Decor Palace finish, which is beautifully textured using a hand-engraving technique.

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Secret Cenote Cuff Watch

High jewellery watches make a splendid canvas for showing off top-grade gems, as well as the exceptional skill of the world’s finest jewellery artisans. The masterpiece here is clearly an ode to cenotes, with its shades of blue, green and white making a sparkling reference to the calm pools of water in limestone caves surrounded by tropical foliage. The dial of Australian black opal is framed by stacked rows gemstones that comprise 151 baguette-cut sapphires, 71 baguette-cut diamonds and 100 brilliant-cut diamonds in total.

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