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Jewellery Jewels & Time 2020: Perspectives de Chaumet and its Links to Architecture

Jewels & Time 2020: Perspectives de Chaumet and its Links to Architecture

Jewels & Time 2020: Perspectives de Chaumet and its Links to Architecture
Perspectives de Chaumet Skyline necklace and ring in yellow gold set with one pear-shaped emerald, emeralds and diamonds
By Terence Lim
By Terence Lim
November 13, 2020
Chaumet's latest high jewellery collection takes creative cues from iconic buildings and other physical structures around the world

Architecture has played a significant role in inspiring many of Chaumet's jewellery designs over some 240 years. The Perspectives de Chaumet high jewellery collection that was launched in July this year is no exception. Comprising nearly 100 pieces of bejewelled creations, the collection is divided into six sub-ranges: Lacis, Lux, Labyrinthe, Mirage, Ondulation and Skyline. Each of them is inspired by a different architectural style, ranging from Italian Renaissance to modern deconstructivism.  

Perspectives de Chaumet Labyrinthe rings and earrings
Perspectives de Chaumet Lacis Necklace in white gold set with white and yellow diamonds
Perspectives de Chaumet Lacis tiara in white gold set with diamonds
Perspectives de Chaumet Labyrinthe rings and earrings

Take Lux, for instance. The collection references the polychrome domes of the Italian Renaissance, while Chaumet modernises the designs with pops of colour—minerals such as opals, tsavorites, sapphires, lapis lazuli, coral and aquamarines are employed generously in the design. The Skyline range, on the other hand, is inspired by iconic buildings in modern cities—think symbols of power—and features gold perforated plates with various textures. 

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Another outstanding sub-range is Ondulation, which is made up of bold and impressive yellow gold creations complemented by brilliant gemstones. For this, Chaumet shows off its gold-smithing expertise to great aplomb, creating metalwork that is both flexible and light at the same time. The Ondulation necklace in yellow gold is, of course, the most exceptional with 950 gold ingots interlocked to form a mesh chain that rests ergonomically on the contours of the neck. It is set with one cushion-cut indicolite tourmaline of some 30.25 carats and yellow sapphires.

While Chaumet is famed for its tradition in crafting beautiful tiaras and majestic bejewelled creations, the Perspectives de Chaumet high jewellery collection shows that it can take on modernity and create contemporary jewellery that urbanites can appreciate. Importantly, this collection is designed to be highly wearable and suitable for daily wear—at work or at play.

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