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Beauty Passion in a Bottle

Passion in a Bottle

Passion in a Bottle
By Victoria Lim
April 25, 2013

More than just a scent, Code Deco fragrances are the embodiment of founder Gauri Garodia's intense love for literature, travel, music and art

Code Deco perfumes

Gauri Garodia is the brains behind Code Deco, a new range of artisanal perfumes recently launched in Singapore.

When she first started her career in fragrances at Unilever some 16 years ago, Garodia was tasked with writing perfume briefs and quickly became enamoured with the versatile and subtle nature of perfumes. Fast forward to 2005, she decided to start her own company, Sensus Consultants, helping many international brands define their scents and yet still finding the time to design fragrances as a hobby.

In 2011, after much persuasion and encouragement from friends and business associates, Garodia finally took the plunge and launched her own line of artisanal perfumes, Code Deco. Inspired by Garodia's love for literature, travel, music and art, Code Deco's first three collections, Jazz, Féminté and Detour, each boast four fragrances which come packaged in gorgeous glass bottles with vintage-style labels.

Code Deco perfumes come packaged in beautiful glass bottles with vintage-style labels

Inspired by the swinging jazz bars of the 1930s, the Jazz collection uses a complex blend of dark woods and smoky tobacco, leather, patchouli and the piece-de-resistance: vetiver from Haiti. Exuding depth and masculinity, A Minor represents the dark and sensual side of jazz music, while taking a whiff of Kokomo will transport you back to the good ol' days where not being able to have enough fun was your only worry.

The Féminté collection, meanwhile, celebrates the multiple and different facets within each woman. Drawing inspiration from female characters in books, films and plays, Garodia has encapsulated their individual personalities into different fragrances. For instance, Juliette (based on Shakespeare's Juliet) is brought back to life with a updated take on classic French floral which invokes romance and passion in the wearer.

Lastly, travel around the world with the Detour collection, as the eclectic scents bring back memories and dreams of wondrous journeys across the globe. Sail along the seven seas with Tasman in Grey, view the rugged beauty of the Rajasthan plains with Marwar, and travel to the forgotten world of silk and spice with Damasc.

Gauri Garodia, the founder of Code Deco perfumes

Code Deco fragrances are available online at, and are priced at $150 for a 50ml bottle and $75 for a Fragrance Sample Set (six vials of 3ml each)


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