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Beauty The Best Pampering Gift This Mother's Day, According to Our Society Friends

The Best Pampering Gift This Mother's Day, According to Our Society Friends

The Best Pampering Gift This Mother's Day, According to Our Society Friends
By Chloe Pek
May 04, 2020
Why a relaxing facial at SK-II Boutique Spa by Senze Salus makes for the perfect quality time together with Mum

Beauty tips are like heirlooms—passed down for generations, from mother to child. We may have access to a myriad of beauty advice today, but some of the best ones come from our mothers and continue to shape our beauty routines today. After all, mothers know best and good skincare practices transcend age.

With Mother’s Day coming up on May 10, why not plan a relaxing facial at SK-II Boutique Spa with Mum—or any maternal figure in your life—after the circuit breaker is lifted? With a repertoire of targeted treatments for various skin concerns, there ought to be something that suits your fancies.

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Additionally, the spa has been taking precautionary measures to ensure the wellbeing of customers since the outbreak of Covid-19. This includes stringent screening for both staff and customers, the implementation of social distancing in its lounge and rigorous sanitisation of treatment tools, beds as well as the premises. These practices will continue when SK-II Boutique Spa reopens its doors on June 2.

Need some ideas on what to pamper your mum with? We ask Tatler friends Sammi Lim and mother Sally Wong; Diane Lim; Siow Yin Yin and son Bruce Yong for their Mother's Day plans and best beauty tips.

A young Sammi Lim and her mother Sally Wong
A young Sammi Lim and her mother Sally Wong
A recent photo of Sally Wong and Sammi Lim
A recent photo of Sally Wong and Sammi Lim

Sammi Lim, 36, CEO in real estate; and mother Sally Wong, 62, homemaker

How has your mother influenced you in terms of beauty?

Sammi Lim (SL) My mum is quite the skincare guru. From young, I saw how she takes care of her skin—from head to toe—and she encouraged me to start my skincare regimen early on.

The best advice she has imparted to me is to cleanse thoroughly no matter how tired I am and to always keep my skin moisturised and protected. She also believes that beauty works from both inside and out, so she would often boil herbal soup for the family and remind us to stay hydrated.

These tips have been a big influence in my beauty routine for the last 20 years, and now I’m the one who shares new products and beauty knowledge with her.

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

SL Our family plans to have an intimate gathering at home this Mother’s Day, when we will cook up a feast with all of Mum's favourite dishes. Simple family moments like these are what my mum treasure the most. 

What treatment do you want to pamper your mum with at the SK-II Boutique Spa?

SL My mum would love a soothing facial anytime! We make an effort to go to the spa together once a week for weekend bonding. I like the refreshing Senze Oxygenated Facial for myself, and the wellness Senze Vitality Facial for Mom.

What do you enjoy most about being a mother?

Sally Wong (SW) I love how my kids remind me of how wonderful life is. Watching them learn and grow, and seeing how they have blossomed through the years have made me feel that motherhood is a journey that can never be replaced.

Your favourite way to wind down and relax:

SW Going for a good massage and relaxing facial.

What is the most memorable celebration that Sammi has given you?

SW On my 60th birthday, Sammi threw me a surprise dinner party with all our relatives. I was so shocked and surprised when I walked into the private dining hall that tears of joy welled in my eyes immediately.

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Diane Lim and baby Chloe
Diane Lim and Chloe Lim last year
Diane Lim and Chloe Lim last year

Diane Lim, 29, homemaker and mother to Chloe Lim, 3, and newborn Zoey Lim

As a young mother, what do you hope to be able to do with your daughters when they are older?

Diane Lim (DL) To travel to different parts of the world and be exposed to different cultures and people, and also to share beauty tips with them and go to the spa together.

What beauty tips do you have for them when they grow up?

DL To eat healthily and drink lots of water, because good skin starts from within. I think I will start bringing them for facials when they are about 13 years old, because that’s when puberty causes the skin to become oily and break out.

What treatment do you want to be pampered with at the SK-II Boutique Spa?

DL As a stay-home mum of two young girls, I hardly have enough sleep or time for myself and it’s taking a toll on my skin. I’m looking forward to a relaxing session of the radiance-boosting SK-II Senzational Facial, which is my go-to treatment.

Siow Yin Yin and a young Bruce Yong
Siow Yin Yin and a young Bruce Yong
Bruce Yong, Siow Yin Yin and Celine Yong
Bruce Yong, Siow Yin Yin and Celine Yong

Siow Yin Yin, 39, homemaker; and son Bruce Yong, 15, student

What skincare tips do you have for your teenage son?

Siow Yin Yin (SYY) At my son’s age, he is not that interested in skincare, so my advice is simple—to make sure he washes his face in the morning and at night, and to avoid touching his face. Basic hygiene and personal grooming are what every gentleman should practice, and I believe that it is easier for them to pick up good grooming habits at a young age so they don’t have to deal with the consequences of skincare issues later.

Your favourite way to wind down and relax:

SYY I am a very hands-on mum, so I don't get a lot of free time within the household, especially during the circuit breaker period when everyone is home.

Intimate dinner parties, getaway vacations with my hubby or spa visits are my ideal ways of winding down, but if I only have time for a self-care session at home, I reach for the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask or Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask.

What is the treatment you want to be pampered with the SK-II Boutique Spa?

SYY To be honest, I’m not the most diligent with my facial routine at home and I try to keep it very simple. I have an acne condition along my jawline that is currently controlled, but I usually avoid that area in my beauty routine in case I trigger it with the wrong massage techniques. Because of that, I tend to have dry patches along my jaw and neckline.

I’m looking forward to a detoxifying Senze Vitality Facial at SK-II Boutique Spa once the circuit breaker is lifted because they can advise better on my problem areas and I can leave it to the professionals.

When do you find your mother the most beautiful?

Bruce Yong (BY) I feel that Mummy is more beautiful when she doesn’t have makeup on. 

What are your plans for celebrating Mother's Day?

BY To give Mummy a day off to herself. Don't worry, we will take care of ourselves.

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As a treat for mothers—and anyone in need of a pampering session—SK-II Boutique Spa is also offering a Mother’s Day package featuring its latest Senze Vitality Facial.

Inspired by traditional eastern facework, this wellness facial leverages on Bojin techniques using a specialised microcrystalline Bianshi tool, which stimulates acupressure points to increase the body's circulations, optimises its energy paths and unblock facial knots to maximise the absorption of nutrients into the skin. This improves radiance and uneven skin tone.

The facial also features SK-II’s iconic PITERA™ Essence via the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, infused into the skin with ultrasound therapy to soothe and hydrate. The result is a restored youthful glow, as well as overall well-being.

The package also includes the Senze Oxygenated Inhalation and Spray, which further boosts the revitalising effects of the facial. It is available online and can be purchased as a gift voucher for your loved ones. The promotion runs until June 30.


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