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Beauty New Cult Skincare Beauty Brands In Singapore: Grown Alchemist, Augustinus Bader, Est and More

New Cult Skincare Beauty Brands In Singapore: Grown Alchemist, Augustinus Bader, Est and More

New Cult Skincare Beauty Brands In Singapore: Grown Alchemist, Augustinus Bader, Est and More
Dr Barbara Sturm
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
By Daphne Chen-Cordeiro
November 07, 2020
As we inch towards the end of 2020, beauty junkies are kept on their toes with the influx of new skincare brands arriving in Singapore

This story was updated on November 22, 2020. 

1/9 Heure

Under wraps for a decade, science-led anti-aging skincare line Heure (pronounced as "her", and means “hour” or “time” in French) launches worldwide this week.

Debuting with six products from the Ageless line—skin booster, serum, eye serum, day and night treatments and sheet mask—all featuring the first-of-its-kind proprietary SPHRTM trans dermal technology, which penetrates the smart time-release formula into the deepest layer of the dermis. The brand is catered towards Asian skin and we hear from the grapevine that the technology behind Heure's skincare is incredibly effective and smart, working to improve skin elasticity and minimise wrinkles. 

Available online

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2/9 Grown Alchemist

One of Australia’s most famous cult skincare brands is Grown Alchemist, founded by two brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs who head up a team of global cosmetic chemists to create a brand that is environmentally-friendly, based in biology, and is packaged elegantly with contemporary apothecary-style packaging. Co-founder Jeremy Muijis describes the brand as a "skincare company that understands the biological mechanisms of the body. And as such, we use natural active ingredients that work in harmony with the brand to deliver healthier, young-looking skin." 

The goal of Grown Alchemist is to support healthy skin and to achieve that, the brand believe that it is essential to healing the skin cell for better-looking skin through three core steps: Cleanse, detox, activate. Their best-seller, the Instant Smoothing Serum—also dubbed the Cinderella serum—is a lightweight hyaluronan serum that should be applied every eight hours (thus the name) for skin transformation and long-lasting deep cell hydration.

Available at Takashimaya.

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3/9 Augustinus Bader

Hollywood favourite Augustinus Bader has finally arrived in Singapore, offering its covetable range of science-led face and body products. Inspired by Professor Augustinus Bader’s breakthrough in stem cell research for skin healing, the brand’s signature The Cream contains a patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) to support the skin’s natural processes for repair and renewal.

Other key ingredients include vitamins A, C, and B5, as well as hydrolysed rice protein to stimulate collagen production, protect skin from free radical damage and oxidative stress, as well as soothe and moisturise skin for a smooth and radiant complexion. It counts A-listers like Diane Kruger, Victoria Beckham, Demi Moore and Courteney Cox amongst its top fans.

Available online

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4/9 Est

Under the Japanese company Kao (which has brands like Kanebo and Molten Brown) comes a new premium skincare line for intense hydration called Est, and features the Est Serum O.N.E which is a foam serum that enables moisture to go deeper into the skin with its microbubbles, and the product is the first step of a three-serum beauty care routine. 

The flagship store in Isetan Scotts has in-store beauty counselling and a skin analysis machine for in-depth skin health tracking so each customer receives a thorough look at their skin and is prescribed a skincare routine best suited for them, and more importantly, is able to track it every three months after starting on Est.

Available at Isetan Scotts and online.

5/9 Comfort Zone

You might not have heard of this Italian skincare brand before but users—even new ones—are raving about the efficacy of Comfort Zone’s conscious range. The brand’s pared-down, pastel-coloured packaging belies the perfect marriage of science and nature behind their formulas. The usual nasties are not used, the products are suitable for vegans, and are dermatologically tested with clinically proven efficacy.

In fact, Comfort Zone began as a clinical research laboratory, and now has grown into a beauty range under a spa lifestyle brand, understanding that the care of skin goes beyond a beauty routine. Its best-selling range is the Sublime Skin collection which targets skin thinning, sagginess and extreme dryness due to menopause, and we're obsessed with the eye patch and oil serum from that range.

Available on Lazmall.

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6/9 MT Metatron

Before launching a counter in Singapore, MT Metatron was previously only available via aesthetic clinics, known by those in the know. Now that it has launched for the mass market, many are excited about the Firming Care Line, which is recommended by medical experts to prolong the effects of procedures like Thermage and Ultherapy. The key ingredient for the line is DMAE, (dimethylaminoethanol) which is naturally produced in the body and found in fatty fish, and is now used in facial injectables to lift and firm skin because it stimulates muscle contraction for a more lifted and tight jawline. According to the brand, the effects can be seen within 20 minutes of the serum and mask application and will last for 24 hours.

Available at Isetan Scotts. 

7/9 Emma Lewisham

Labelling themselves as consciously-sourced, cruelty-free and scientifically validated, this New Zealander luxury cult skincare brand has also indicated that they don’t use the debatable synthetic preservatives, such as phenoxyethanol which is often used in natural brands to make a paraben-free claim.

With celebrity fans like actress Margot Robbie and Victoria's Secret supermodel Georgia Fowler, its best-selling product is Skin Reset Concentrated Even Skin Tone Serum, which (as its name suggests) evens out skin tone and reduces signs of hyperpigmentation.

Available online.

8/9 Tamburins

New beauty e-commerce platform Beaubit (headed by entrepreneur and seasoned fashion stylist Savina Chai) has brought in ultra-cool South Korean brand Tamburins, created by the same team behind eyewear brand Gentle Monster. Beaubit is the first retailer of the cult beauty label outside Korea, which has a strong cult following thanks to its minimalist, luxe design aesthetics.

Tamburins’ skincare and bodycare lineup range from serums to toners, but its bestseller is the Nude H.and Cream with 000 being its signature scent: a combination of fresh bergamot and subtle sandalwood. The hand cream is packaged so beautifully. The full-sized tube has a matte gold chain that connects to its screw-on cap so one will never lose it; and it comes with a matching matte metal “hand drill” to pierce through its protective cover when you want to start using it. 

Available on Beaubit

9/9 Dr Barbara Sturm

With legions of A-list celebrity fans, Dr Barbara Sturm took Hollywood by storm when she moved from orthopedics to aesthetics and developed the famously-known “vampire facial”, which uses platelet-rich plasma from the client’s own blood to increase collagen production on the face, as well as the customised anti-ageing MC1 “blood cream”.

When clients asked for an alternative to extracting their own blood as well as recommendations for a beauty routine, Dr Sturm came up with a non-surgical anti-ageing skincare line called Molecular Cosmetics. The first product created was the Face Cream—a face moisturiser infused with power ingredient antioxidant purslane—and still highly popular today. The most raved products are the Hyaluronic Ampoules or Hyaluronic Serum, highly concentrated and infused with long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules that deeply penetrate the skin for intense hydration and visibly radiant skin in just a week. 

The entire range of Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics line is now available online for delivery in Singapore. FJ Benjamin Holdings (which recently brought it into Singapore) says that they will consider a physical store location when the global pandemic situation improves.

Available online



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