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Beauty What to Expect From MTM Skincare in 2021

What to Expect From MTM Skincare in 2021

What to Expect From MTM Skincare in 2021
By Tan Wei Lin
January 18, 2021
A pioneer in custom-blend skincare, this Japanese brand is many a beauty insider’s secret to great-looking skin that stays that way

Since its launch in 1991 in Japan, MTM Skincare has acquired a firm reputation for custom-blended skincare—a revolutionary achievement in the beauty landscape back in the day. 30 years on, the company has continued on its trajectory of success. It has done so via its unwavering focus on customised skincare solutions for clients who want not just the best for their skin, but also formulations that are uniquely tailored to answer their specific needs.

MTM Skincare's philosophy of beauty is built on the fact that no two people have exactly the same skin. On top of that, our skin condition also changes with age, the environments we are in and our lifestyle. This means that we all have different needs, in terms of the products we use on our face, and these needs may evolve with time. That is why, to achieve great skin that’s healthy inside and out, the brand firmly believes that a personalised skincare regimen is key.

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With the keen eye of its skincare experts and state-of-the-art technology, MTM Skincare has been giving those of us in Singapore the gift of beautiful skin since it landed on our shores in 2003. Every one of its skincare experts is a certified professional trained by MTM Lab Japan to put together the best combination of skincare for every individual client they attend to.

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At the centre of this personalised service is a profiling system in the form of a machine that can reveal the past, present and future states of your skin. This important step provides the essential data for building the ideal skincare regimen for you. The brand believes in starting from basics—in other words, by adequately preparing the skin from within. Besides in-salon treatments, the emphasis is placed on a personalised pre- and post-treatment skincare regimen that deeply cleanses, tones, moisturises and nourishes your skin to help it retain its ageless quality.

What to expect in 2021

This year marks the third decade of MTM Skincare's establishment and, along with this milestone, the skincare brand will welcome a brand revamp in its outlets in Singapore soon. Besides a new aesthetic, you can expect to see an upgraded lineup of products, which serve to better answer the varying needs of different skin types. There’s, however, one thing that will always remain the same—the company’s philosophy and belief in how customised skincare is the key behind beautiful, healthy skin.

It’s a momentous occasion for MTM Skincare Singapore’s managing director, Kelly Keak, who is behind the brand’s growth and success here.

She shared: "I'm an optimist at heart, and in these uncertain times, I continue to hope for the best and believe the journey of adversity can only make us better."

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